Pakistanis On Twitter Are Defining ‘Desi Culture' And It Is Accurate AF

By Biya Haq | 19 Dec, 2017

As all of us¬†Pakistanis know, being ‘Desi’ is not¬†just a term, it’s a lifestyle. Everything¬†from loud relatives to¬†meddling aunties,¬†Desi culture is¬†not something that is easy to understand.

Lucky for us, people recently took to Twitter to define what ‘#DesiCulture’ was and boy oh boy, were we excited.


^Us. Excited.

SO FRIENDS, here are some of the ways you guys defined Desi culture for us. Be warned, you will laugh, you will cry and you will crave biryani.

Haha, yes! Pretend! Haha! *crying*

Wanna tell me why I have to have a pound of makeup on my face and Ahmed gets to have nihari all over his kurta? HM? #DesiCulture.

Ohhh, no please aunty come in! No, I totally wasn’t going to my own wedding or anything…

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Not trying to be kanjoos, but those 10 rupees can add up tho…

What kind of other plans are there?

Hahaha whoops! Sorry! Didn’t mean to be 73 hours late! #NoRegrets #NoClocks.

Source: Deenga

*Dramatically staring out the window singing Kabira*


Seconds? Hunni I’m on my sixth plate of biryani.

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Don’t try and resist, it’s gonna happen no matter what.


We get married so that we don’t have permission issues. Simple.



Honestly, this is just smart.



No major decisions will ever be taken without the help of a few loved ones,¬† obviously…

100% true and 100% and proud of this.

Our parents are our lives.

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At the end of the day, Desi Culture means a lot more than rishtas and biryani. It is full of heart, love, strength and well, okay, maybe a little biryani. Be proud to be Desi and even prouder to enjoy everything that comes with that statement. Love you.

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