This New Westeros Dhaba In Karachi Is Serving Food Straight Out Of A Game Of Thrones Fan's Dream

By Saad Zubair | 24 Dec, 2017

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Game of Thrones obsession is at its peak all around the world, what with the final season of the much-beloved show fast approaching. And the best way to pay tribute to your favorite show has to be doing something big around its theme. One restaurant in Lahore capitalized on exactly that. So how could Karachi stay far behind on this?


So, someone in Karachi opened a dhaba (what’s with Karachi’s obsession with dhabas, btw?) that is themed after Game of Thrones

This modern day dhaba opens after 6 in the evening and is lit up with customers at night. The very interesting food items available on their menu will most certainly appeal to all GoT fans.

Source: Saad Zubair / MangoBaaz


The real thematic elements to this dhaba are in the way the food is presented

The phrase “All Must Dine” is present everywhere at the location, as a homage to the show.  The Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen cut outs complete the ambiance of the hit show.

Source: Saad Zubair / MangoBaaz

The dhaba is only three weeks old and while the GOT theme is minimalist, the place is great for families and friends to eat under the open air.


They’ve also set up a Christmas tree to celebrate the winter holiday because after all, winter has finally arrived in Karachi

Source: Saad Zubair / MangoBaaz


Even the coffee mugs have references to the show

Wouldn’t you like to sneak one of these home to drink your garma garam chai in this weather?

Source: Saad Zubair


They claim that the food here is different from most other casual dhabas

If you’ve been to several modern chai dhabas, you’ll usually end up ordering some of the, now common-place, stuffed parathas and tea. The cheeses used in the pizzas, partner-owner Fahhad Rajpar says, is imported from the UK.

The Dragonstone oven is where your pizzas are baked hot and fresh.

Source: Fahhad Rajper


And the Dragon Balls are something Tyrian Lannister and Jon Snow would most certainly love

Source: Fahhad Rajper

The Dragon Balls are stuffed with chicken, herbs and pulses and taste great. Fahhad mentioned this is one item that gets mixed reviews, so your mileage may vary. These get served with nimko papri which are spicy and crispy. The hot sauce makes for a great dip.

The menu also has items such as bun kababs and parathas.


The one item that screams Game of Thrones is their dessert – the Fire and Ice Chocolate Brownie

Served in a hot sizzler, it’s super hot and could burn your tongue if you’re not careful. This is a dessert fit for a king. The ice cream along with the brownie gives you the fire and ice effect.

If you’re a GoT fan you need to definitely check this place out.


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