If You're Looking For Weight Loss Motivation Then You Should Follow These Pakistani Celebrities On Instagram

By Arslan Athar | 4 May, 2018

So, losing weight can be hard and sometimes you really need to have the motivation to keep going on. If you relate to that struggle (much like myself) then not to worry, we’ve put together a list of celebrities that could help you get your workout motivation going.

So, let’s begin with Shahroz Subzwari 

Source: @shahrozsubzwari // Instagram

He takes his leg days, arm days and general workouts VERY seriously 

Source: @shahrozsubzwari // Instagram

He isn’t alone in his obsession, wife Syra Shahroz is also pretty fond of getting her gym game on

Source: @sairoz // Instagram

Other than weight training she does Pilates 

Pilates se yaad aya, Mehwish Hayat shows off her training also

Just looking at her is making us break into a sweat

Mehwish also meditates, and well she does so wherever and whenever she gets the chance. 

Source: @mehwishhayat // Instagram

Bilal Abbas Khan also posts a lot about his workout, and damn he looks intense 

Source: @bilalabbas_khan // Instagram

But he goes pretty artistic also 

Sonya Hussain finds her cardio inspiration from biking 

Source: @sonyahuusyn // Instagram

But she also indulges in the occasional gym selfie.

Source: @sonyahuusyn // Instagram

He too tips his toes into the gym selfie world 

Source: @ferozekhan // Instagram

And lastly, Mikaal Zulfiqar gives us some sweaty sweaty gym snaps


Source: @mikaalzulfiqar // Instagram

And well, he only gyms with the stars- like Fawad Khan 

Source: @mikaalzulfiqar // Instagram

So, are you motivated yet? Are you going to go hit the gym hard? Let us know in the comments section.

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