Here’s What Your Weekly Love Horoscope Says About Your Love Life | 12th November – 18th November

By Maliha Khan | 12 Nov, 2018

Your weekly love horoscope will tell you matters of the heart.


Your stars are telling me you’ve been waiting for this week’s love horoscope. Shaid dil mil rahay hai? Shaid dil toot rahay hai? Ya shaid dil abhi milnay walay hai?



Oye hoye, your stars are finally on your side. We know you’ve been waiting for a very, very, very long time for this change in your love life. You deserve to be just as happy as the next person, but good things take time. Sabr ka phal mitha hota hai. You and your partner are finally in the same chapter of your book, not the same page but it’s a start. You both want similar things and what could be better than that? Have some patience and things will get better and hopefully soon.

For you single peeps out there, you might just run into a special someone this week. You may just end up falling so deep in love that shaadi suddenly becomes a possibility. YES… you heard that right. Shaadi ki ghentia bhaj rahi hai.




Your relationship has lasted for a while, something you did not expect. But still, there is something missing. You cry yourself to sleep sometimes because you’re not happy and that isn’t fair. Your partner does not seem to reciprocate the love you shower them with, but in reality, they just don’t know how to. If you have been afraid of how they’ve been feeling about you, well wait no more for that answer. They are head over heels for you and this week they will prove this to you. Dil de dil ki baat hogi iss haftay.

Single or in a relationship, you have always been independent that don’t need any relationship to feel complete. Well times have changed, you have been so afraid to commit that you have forgotten what it’s like to feel loved and to love. Get out of your head and start listening to your dil. There’s a lot it requires from you.




It’s a really weird week for you Geminis. I have some really good news and some really bad news. I know you’re probably going to want to hear the bad news, well here it is. For you romantics out there already coupled up, it’s not looking too bright for you. Daal mai kuch kaala hai. Your partner’s words and actions do not seem to be matching up. You hear something else and you are seeing something else. Their priorities seem to all of a sudden have changed and well maybe they’re not the person you fell in love with anymore.

And if you’re single, then get ready to mingle because your stars have never looked this bright. You are going to make this amazing connection this week and that connection will teach you what love, at first sight, is like.




Petty is the best way to describe you the past few weeks and this week that is going to change. You will realize whatever you have been arguing with your partner about should not affect your love life. Meet in the middle and figure it out, because nothing is better than going to bed with them snuggling into you. Let the past stay in the past.

Don’t worry you singletons. Your family has set their eyes on the perfect partner for you and you should give him/her a try. Zaara dekho kuch kuch hota hai?




You might just be the luckiest zodiac this week. Sitaaray apka saath dey rahay hai. Don’t need to tell me twice that you’ve been trying to bring another human into this world, the entire population of Pakistan already knows. Prepare yourself to finally give your partner and your loved ones the good news. I’m not a pyschic but your baby-dar looks pretty good.

Some of your friends are having babies, some are having dholkis, and you’re just sitting in a corner miserable. This week will change that for sure. You will run or briskly walk into someone and they will change your life. They will know how to steal your heart and make it theirs. They will treat you right and make you feel so special. There is nothing wrong with wanting someone of your dreams.




Spicy and sexy is the best way to describe your relationship this week. Masala bohat zaruri hota hai in a relationship, especially in the bedroom. The khana has been missing the masala for a while now and this week your mind will be blown with the amount of spice present. Enjoy every part of each physically and mentally, because this is a rarity in your relationship. It is okay to want to indulge.

If you don’t have a special someone, don’t feel the pressure to settle down with just anyone. You hold your values and morals very high and that is what makes you special. Wait for the right person.




You go glen coco!! You are feeling confident and happy in your own skin. You are just fine that way you are and no one should want to change the person you are because you are fucking perfect. This may be a weekly love horoscope, but finding yourself and working on yourself comes before learning to love someone else. Grow into your shoes, appreciate the spark in your eyes when you talk about your accomplishments, appreciate the fact that you can brighten anyone’s day, and most of all appreciate the person you have before through self-love.




Ya jail jail ki feeling arahi hai toh dur bhaag jao. Relationships are not supposed to surpress you or make you feel like you are stuck with one person for the rest of your life. You deserve to be happy and if being happy means walking away from someone you love then it is okay to do so. Learn to let go of things that aren’t good for you, because you are the only person that can stop the suffering.

Your long-lost love will make an effort to prove you need them in your life. If they make a grand enough gesture, give them a chance, because being alone isn’t always fun.




Girl (or boy), you need to stop explaining yourself all the time. You just make it worse for yourself, because your partner loves you no matter what so stop trying to make them love you by explaining yourself at every point. After every fight or argument, you go running after them to make sure they understand what you were trying to say and to tell you the truth that gets hella annoying. Each him/her time and they will come around. The makeup part will be the best part (hint hint).

So you’ve been single and are just so sick of watching your friends be happy in their love lives. Well, wait no more. Try a dating app or two and get to know people. It will start off as a friendship and at some point, sparks are going to fly and you will be saying, “Pyar ke pehla kadam dosti hai, ayr akhri bhi. Bas beech ke kadam reh gaye hain.”




Love is a commitment. Loving your partner and wanting to spend the rest of your life with your partner are two entirely different things. It only makes sense to be in a relationship when both are true. If your relationship just seems like a today thing, then end it today, because the pain will be greater in the future. Starting a new chapter in your book is scary and the thought of it is unbearable, but it needs to happen. Khush rehna bohat jaldi seekh jao gy.

Love is a beautiful feeling. Love is an amazing feeling. Love is the most unique type of feeling. So get it right the first time and make it last. If you are feeling extra lonely these days and want to feel love, then stop chasing it and it will come to you.




You are so difficult to understand. You are not one to show emotion, but when you do you tend to go overboard. The fear of your partner consumes you and that thought creates unnecessary friction in your relationship. Your overdependence on your partner and their love for you is unhealthy. Take a break, know your worth and then come back to reality. Your partner will never give you the type of love you are looking for, but that does not mean they don’t love you. Love is complicated, so don’t try to simplify it.

You just met someone new and you might not feel that this is the right time to introduce them to your group of friends yet. They are a secret and a pretty good one too, so why ruin that?




Growing as a couple is healthy and it’s entirely normal. Mistakes will be made financially by one of you and it will seem like the end of the world. I hope you don’t truly believe that because you’ve been strong in the past and this week will be no different. You will stand together and you will stand very tall against this storm. You will survive, only if you are in it together.

If you have been feeling like you are being let on, then chances are you probably are. Pyar mai pagal ho jana theek hai, lekin waisay rehna theek nahi hai. Move the fuck on, because he/she does not deserve the kind soul you are. And if you are the one doing the letting on then you’re a terrible human being.



Aur sunao kaisa jaya apka hafta? Did you cry yourself to sleep or did the sparks continuously fly?


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