Here’s What Your Weekly Horoscope Says About This Week For You | 10th December – 17th December

By Nai Dulhan | 10 Dec, 2018

Weekly horoscope to get you ready for you week


While you cozy up in front of the heater, we’re here to serve you a fresh dose of your weekly horoscope for this week so here goes nothing:



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Hmm, the week starts off as an obstacle for you dear Aries. But the good thing is that you will realize that you need to take things slow and observe everything as you get along your day. Your speed of doing things is not the main cause of concern, it is the way in which things are supposed to be done. By Tuesday or Wednesday, you will have adjusted your pace as well so that is not an issue anymore either. Effective communication is also a key to getting things done on time and your way as well. If you feel someone is trying to catch your attention, reciprocate and don’t hold back. Hold their gaze, flirt a little, but don’t take things too far at the moment. The end of the week will push you into a possible awkward situation as you are caught into a family drama which will cause some stress. The weekend however seems fun, eventful and one that you won’t ever forget.


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Monday morning is all about being awake, motivated, inspired and ready to take on all sorts of experiences, even romantic ones. Ooo la la! But as all good things come to an end, Tuesday and Wednesday will knock you back to reality and you will be expected to deliver results at work, at your educational institution or to yourself as well. Well, there go feelings of romance and energy – Out with the love and in with the work hustle. By the end of the week you will probably get a breather, as per your weekly horoscope, and things will start to simmer down for you. Phew, it seems like quite a ride! By Friday, you might have a love connection with a certain someone – but you must be open to the idea of letting them know how you feel. The weekend asks for some major patience from your side as someone is going to push your buttons the wrong way.


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Okay, so Monday morning looks like one heck of a crazy ride for ya. But you know what, this is one ride that you can parachute your way out of – but that doesn’t mean it’ll make things any easier, if anything, it’ll make shit harder for you. Uff, that is really too much to take isn’t it? Tell you what, just focus on going through this Monday, dodging as many obstacles as possible, with as much grace as possible. Tuesday and Wednesday will also be an experience in itself. You will be around lots of people – but worry not, these are going to be good people, people who you’d want to hang out with. The end of the week seems filled with anxiousness and tension as money matters seem bleak. But the weekend brings in the realization that money will come and go – your mental peace is more important.


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Yeah, about those over the top ideas floating in your head? Monday is your lucky day because someone will actually listen to them. This week, try to have some fun. Maybe go out with your crew to a fancy restaurant and order a gazillion delicious dishes – just for the heck of trying something new. You are the captain of this ship for this week and it is your duty to get everyone together and take them on a joy ride. The biggest challenge is to maintain the zeal and energy that you have. This week you are going to be a little crazier than usual and a little fearless than usual. Remember, when energy levels are over the roof, it is easy to get lost in the emotional turmoil that comes along with it. The weekend is going to be pretty eventful as well.


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Know how sometimes your bosses can be little bitches? According to your weekly horoscope Monday is one of those days. I mean that’s not such a big deal, shit happens. But maybe it has to do with you – you’re just feeling under the weather or generally in a bad mood. Hota hai yaar! On Tuesday and Wednesday, let your buddies do the effort with you and just sit back and relax. Just them being there is going to be therapeutic as well as entertaining for you. There are probably going to be debating about useless stuff, but at the end of the day, ya’ll love each other. On Thursday, if you give some free hugs, it’s going to make you feel better and going to be pretty funny as well. The weekend is all about fun!


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You are probably craving some well deserved vacation time right now. It is so tempting to just imagine yourself hopping on an airplane and going to a warm beach, especially in this December chill. So, time to make some long due travel plans this Monday, according to your weekly horoscope. It doesn’t matter where you go, as long as you go somewhere with a partner in crime or even solo! The middle of the week totally takes all these fantasies away and you are going to plunge back into the grind. Meet as many timelines as you can on Tuesday and Wednesday so you can spend time with your family on Thursday and Friday. The weekend will be full of random, last minute plans – so keep yourself open to anything.


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Someone wise once said that too much of somthing is never a good idea. Remember this on Monday when you might be tempted to waste all your energy into something overly enticing and attractive. Be careful about spending too much time in indulgence as it will only burden your shoulders with things you cannot carry forward – at least for this week. By Tuesday and Wednesday, you need to hustle because you will be on your toes with work and other commitments. Thursday requires you to fully concentrate and focus on the tasks at hand. Do not let anything distract you from your main goal. Friday seems a little slow in terms of getting things done, whereas the weekend requires you to be a little energetic.


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You and your partner are two forces to reckon with at the moment, according to your weekly horoscope. While you are good at balancing things and bringing in the goods at the right time, they are good at being strong and binding the relationship together. You guys are good together but you, especially need to make sure that you spend time mending some complicated friendships that you have this week. What you might suffer this week with will be the financial part of your life. Money will be a tricky subject for you so be careful before you spend it or save it, especially if it is someone else’s money. Friday will see things ease down a bit and you will find what you were looking for. The weekend will be slow and relaxed, try to sit back and take it easy.


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You know, sometimes it is okay to say what is on your mind. Really! And if someone doesn’t like it, well then it is their business not yours -unless it is something really mean, in which case, keep your mouth shut. But if you are speaking the truth, go ahead people, bol ke lub azaad hain tere. You will notice some very good communication taking place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – Wowzers! Lucky you! But if Thursday doesn’t follow suit, it is perfectly fine. Chances are it is nobody’s fault as such. It’s just that the right things might happen at the wrong time. The only wholesome, good thing to remember is your relationships which determine your happiness in the future and present. Don’t take them for granted! The weekend will make you feel good about being you and where you are – enjoy it’s warmth.


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Guys, have you ever heard about, work hard but play harder? Well that is EXACTLY what you should be doing in the week before you. This Monday, you will go back to being a fun high school kid, laughing and having a good time with yout chaddi buddies. But don’t forget your integrity and honesty towards your work. By the middle of the week you will be stuck in the same old rut again – working, making money and fullfilling responsibilities. On Thursday and Friday, it seems that all you will do is focus and concentrate on a certain someone. Hmm…hath hola bhai/bhen. Don’t scare them away with your questions and interviews. The weekend will find you in an emotional, almost manipulated situation but use your own common sense to make judgements.


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Your family will play a big role in your life this week. They will call on you or guide you about an aspect of yourself that even you didnt know of, especially in the romance department. This will feel pretty good. Tuesday and Wednesday will also be quite appealing as there will be certain developments in the love department. Cover yourself because there are some serious fireworks going on! Thursday will be rather frustrating to an extent as you will have too much on your mind – just stop thinking so much and take a one big chill pill. There might be some tensions between you and a lover or friend – making things right should be your biggest prioriy right now.


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An email, a letter or a text message from a certain someone will make you grin from ear to ear. Your smile will be there for a few more days as this is just what you wanted in the hearts of your hearts. Tuesday and Wednesday will be busy in these beautiful thoughts as you will be over the moon with happiness. The only good thing you can do for yourself in this time would be to do nothing at all. Thursday and Friday will be very loving and romantic – be happy, be creative and make an effort. The weekend will be mostly free so try to do something healthy for yourself.


So there you have it folks, your weekly horoscope is done. Now go and grab all the opportunities you can.


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