24 Of The Most Stunning Locations Across Pakistan For Your Perfect Wedding Photo Shoot, That Aren’t The Badshahi Masjid

By Rameeza Ahmad | 5 Dec, 2018

Shaadi season is here, and you know what the means? Aesthetic wedding photo shoots


Pakistani wedding photographers have been stepping up their game in the last few years. And if you are still in search for a place, that has seldom been used for wedding photography then you’ve landed on the perfect post.

This list consists of places from all over Pakistan, so no matter where in the country you are. You will find a beautiful location near you to take some very memorable pictures.



1. Noor Mahal, Bahawalpur

Source: baaghi.tv

The Mahal was built in 1872 by the Nawab of Bahawalpur. It is a truly beautiful location and is maintained really well. Your wedding pictures taken here would be PHENOMENAL.

2. Train Station, Lahore

Source: yandex.com.ge

To be honest, any train station works! You just need to make sure you get there at times when it is not busy. And you’re all set for a unique and beautiful wedding photo shoot.

3. Shah Rukn Alam, Multan

Source: Tanwir Jogi /Flickr

This is the shrine of Sufi saint Sheikh Rukn-ud-Din Abul Fateh. It is truly beautiful and the surrounding locations are just as breathtaking. You might have to seek permission and make sure you remain respectful since it is a religious site.

4. Mustard Fields

Source: pakistantoursguide.com

Sarson ke khet are all over Punjab. They can be found in or near Sialkot, on the way to South Punjab there are dozens of fields. You just need to be sure it’s blooming season and if so, you are in for a great photo shoot, especially if you are a DDLJ fan.

5. Butterfly Conservatory, Jallo Park, Lahore

Source: wikimedia.org

Imagine, your wedding pictures being photobombed by dozens of butterflies. THAT’S GOALS. A lot of people don’t know about the butterfly conservatory in Jallo Park, but this place is a great place to take pictures in.

6. Hiran Minar

Source: pakistansource.com

This beautiful location is in Sheikhupura and was built in the early 17th century by Jehangir in honor of his pet antelope. Yep. Anyway, it’s a beautiful place to take pictures and it’s not even that far from Lahore, it’s just an hours drive away.



7. Mohatta Palace, Karachi

Source: dawn.com

The place was built by a Hindu businessman in 1927 as his summer home. Today it serves as a museum and has beautifully manicured gardens. Make sure you get the proper permissions beforehand in case they are needed.

8. Hawkes Bay, Karachi

Source: karachibeachhuts.com

Beach wedding pictures need to be more of a thing in Pakistan. Just scout for and rent a beautiful beach house for the shoot and get there early morning for some memorable pictures.

9. Ranikot, Jamshoro

Source: pakifunda.com

Often referred to as the Great Wall of Sindh, this location is perfect for some very unique wedding photos. If you live near the area, the drive there just might be worth it.

10. Faiz Mahal, Khairpur

Source: pakistansource.com

This palace was built by Mir Sohrab Khan in Khairpur in the year 1798. Initially, it served as a court for the royal palace of Talpur Monarchs. It is private property now but can still be visited with permission. If you still cannot access the palace, Sheesh Mahal in Khairpur also happens to be a glorious place which you can visit and get your pictures taken in.

11. Chaukundi Tombs

Source: picsunday.com

This beautiful location is just located an hours drive east from Karachi. While it is primarily an ancient graveyard which was built and used sometime during the 15th and 18th centuries, it serves as a historical site today visited by locals and foreigners alike. The location is beautiful, but it is a good idea to be respectful of the dead who are resting there.

12. Seesh Mahal, Khairpur

Source: dawn.com

The Seesh Mahal in Lahore Fort is not the only one in the country. It was built by the Mirs of Khairpur. The place is looked after by a caretaker and his family and can be accessed upon request. The structure is beautifully haunting and can make for a beautiful wedding photo shoot.



13. Ziarat Residency, Ziarat

Source: pakifunda.com

The Ziarat Residency served as the last place Muhammad Ali Jinnah lived in before his passing. It was constructed in 1892. It is now open to the public and looks like a heavenly sight during the Autumn and Winter months, it can be a great place to take pictures for your wedding. The beautiful location is located only 2 and a half hours away from Quetta.

14. Kund Malir Beach

Source: happening.pk

Blue waters and brown sand with a backdrop of the mountains makes for a perfect place to have your pictures taken. The beach is beautiful and doesn’t get too many visitors which means it is a perfect spot for a wedding photo shoot. The location is only 3 and a half hours from Karachi, so if you’re ambitious, you can easily make it there and back in time for your wedding function.

15. Lasbela

Source: blog.travel-culture.com

There are quite a few historical sites in Lasbela, so you can look all of them up and choose the one you think would be best for your photo shoot and personal aesthetic. It’s a three hour drive from Karachi, so if you can swing it, it’s worth the trip!

16. Nindo Damb

Source: crayon.pk

Also known as Nindowari, this is located in the District of Kalat. And I swear it looks like an ancient Greek site at first sight. If you live near or in the Kalat District then you NEED to go here and take your pictures in the area.

17. Waadi-e-Bolan

Source: reddit.com

Okay hear me out, I know this place isn’t exactly easy to get to but if you somehow can manage it, the pictures would be phenomenal.

18. Hingol National Park

Source: shugal.com

The Hingol National Park is located on the Makran coast. And it is a beautiful place to picnic at as well as get some pictures. It’s about a 4-hour drive from Karachi, and trust me, it’s worth the drive.


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

19. Islamia College, Peshawar

Source: tribune.com.pk

This beautiful gothic structure is the famous Islamia college of Peshawar. It was founded in 1913 by Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum. You might need permission from the administration to take pictures in the manicured lawns with a backdrop of the gorgeous buildings.

20. St. Luke’s Church, Abbottabad

Source: wonderfulpakistan.com

This gorgeous church in Abbottabad has a beautiful garden, you can have your wedding pictures taken here and have those beautiful moments immortalized for time to come.

21. Ayubia National Park, Abbottabad

Source: wildlife.com.pk

Ayubia National Park is a breathtaking location, instead of choosing Margalla Hills or somewhere nearby, try making the two-hour drive from Islamabad to Ayubia to take some gorgeous pictures to capture moments which will never come back again.

22. Peshawar Museum

Source: wikimedia.org

The museum opens at 8:30 AM and closes at 5 PM. You can make sure to get special permission if you want to take pictures inside the premises but otherwise, it shouldn’t be a problem. The red brick building can serve as a beautiful location for your wedding pictures.

23. Gor Khatri

Source: wondersofpakistan.wordpress.com

This is an ancient Indian temple located in Peshawar and can be accessed with special permission since it is in the process of restoration. But the eerie beautiful place can serve as a beautiful backdrop for your wedding photos.

24. Governor House, Nathiagali, Abbottabad

Source: pakistandefence.com

The Governor House in Nathiagali is an absolutely beautiful place. And with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s new idea to make all governor houses public property and open to the public, this could be a great idea for you. It is only two and a half hours away from Islamabad and will make for such amazing pictures.

No longer do they ask couples to make awkward poses in front of a green screen or a poster, they scout locations to get the perfect shots for your big day. And a lot of times, couples have requests about where they want to get their pictures taken.



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