This Pakistani Bride Just Received A Robot “Maid” That Her Groom Made For Her As A Wedding Gift

By Biya Haq | 21 Dec, 2017

Shaadi’s all around the world were put to shame when a Pakistani groom gave his bride a ROBOT as a wedding gift.

Source: Samaa TV Via: Facebook

Yup, you heard it right the first time – A ROBOT.

Source: IRK Films

Samaa TV was quick to cover this Karachi engineer, the dulha, giving his wife the ultimate helping hand by building a robot to help her with chores around the house.


Everything from cleaning the dishes, mopping the floors and buying the groceries, the robot’s main objective is to make her life easier. GOALS.

Taking a year to make, the robot is perfect for a new bride and um, well – LIFE? Any way we can get one of these pls? @Karachi? @Dulha? Yes, we can all hire people to help us out. But having a machine whose main objective is to buy groceries? To do dishes? To hold your THAAL AT YOUR WEDDING?

Wow. Like, wow.

Source: Samaa TV Via: Facebook

Some of the guests couldn’t even believe it. Selfie upon selfie, the wedding was definitely the talk of the town and in our books, one of the most memorable of this wedding season.


And boy oh boy, people all over the Internet were pretty excited about it too.

Source: Samaa TV Via: Facebook

Lolol, you’re not wrong!

Source: Samaa TV Via: Facebook

New reason to be an engineer kids, keep your future begum happy.

Source: Samaa TV Via: Facebook

Never did, never will.

Source: Samaa TV Via: Facebook

Hehehe, can’t wait for a robot filled Shaadi season 2018!

Source: Samaa TV Via: Facebook

Sorry, but it seems as if all grooms need to step up their game. (@Future husband, I don’t need jewellery, a nice little robot will do just fine.)

Do you want a robot? Do you want a husband? Do you want a robot making husband? SAME! Let us know what you think about this dutiful dhula in the comments below! Love you.

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