We Got News For You! Zayn And Gigi Are Back Together And It's About Goddamn Time

By Arslan Athar | 6 Jun, 2018

Not too long ago we were jolted by the news that our favorite couple, Zayn and Gigi were splitting up. 

Source: VOGUE

After that, we saw pictures of the pair being all cute and romantic on the streets of New York City. 

It gave us hope, that maybe, just maybe, they could be working on getting back together.

Source: Daily Mail

All speculation about the relationship was put to rest when Gigi posted a very intimate photo on her Instagram story. 

Earlier in the day she had attended the ‘Ocean’s 8’ premiere, after which she had an ‘afterparty’. An afterparty that seemed to have only one guess.

Source: @gigihadid // Instagram

How do we know that’s Zayn. First off, the hair!

According to his most recent Instagram posts, he has gone blond yet again

Source: @zayn // Instagram

Also, the visible tattoos match the some of Zayn’s more well-known ones. 

Source: PopSugar

Need more ‘tattoo’ proof? 

Source: PopSugar

There’s also the fact that he was spotted leaving Gigi’s apartment lately, especially around her birthday 

Source: GC Images

We legit could not be happier for them!

Source: Apatow Productions

Sada khush raho tum dono

Source: B4U Movies

Gigi And Zayn Broke Up And People Can’t Stop Making The Same Joke Over And Over Again ?

Gigi And Zayn Are Apparently Back Together After Engaging In Some SERIOUS PDA And We’re Literally Speechless

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