Here's Why I Absolutely Love Watching Anime And You Should, Too

By Khushnood Ahmed | 22 Jan, 2017

Yes, they still exist. People who don’t like Anime. Ugh! I have to admit, such people even exist in my own family. Just the other day, my brother lectured me on how Anime is the most senseless, over-dramatic and plotless entertainment one can watch. After the lecture he turned on the TV and watched an episode of ‘Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’. 

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Here is why sab kaam chor ke y’all need to start watching Anime:

It stands at the peak of human imagination

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While, Pakistani and Indian soaps largely restrict themselves to dull family problems, Anime is out there exploring the vast universe of human imagination. It introduces you to alternative realities, where a orphan ninja teen uses the power of a fox demon inside of him to establish peace around the world. Or where a narcissist with a messiah-complex finds a Death Note which he uses to pursue the goal of absolute justice. Or where a group of people are trying to survive huge, naked cannibals that come to eat them.

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Any person who has a single bone of imagination or romanticism in him/her will crave and, I assure you, find in Anime an alternative universe to plunge into.


It explores the complexities of human emotions

Anime does really well in exploring powerful and conflicting emotions that are present in all of us. Whether be it Naruto coming to terms with being an orphan or Ace questioning his place on earth – Anime will make sure to play with the strings of your heart.

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It regularly explores meaningful concepts

While it’s true that most Anime series have rather unrealistic plots, they do deal with thematic issues that are central to human existence. Death Note, for example, deals with the question of justice. One Piece incorporates themes such as freedom and racism into its plots. There will always be something serious to take away from Anime.

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It even has porn in it. And lots and lots of it

Wait…that doesn’t sound right – let me rephrase it: it has Food-Porn in it. In it’s mouthwatering depiction of food, Anime is unmatched and unrivaled.

Like this:

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Anime has the best action scenes you will ever see

Need I say more? Just have a look for yourself.

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Women in Anime kick some serious ass

While Anime is certainly not perfect when it comes to the depiction and representation of women, it does have a lot of strong female characters who are just real badasses. Erza, Robin, Tsunade and the list goes on…

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It’s pretty damn hilarious

Comedy rarely ever goes wrong in Anime.

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Anime makes you forget all worries and helps you take on life

Before watching Anime:

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After watching Anime:

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So what do you think about Anime? Have you ever watched it? How do you like it? Let us know all this in the comments below.

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