After Fidget Spinners, The World Is Going Nuts For A Viral Pimple Popping Toy And It's Actually Pretty Gross

By Biya Haq | 13 Feb, 2018

There are two kinds of people in this world. People who love popping pimples and people who hate it.

WARNING: If you hate it, sorry to break it you but this is not the article for you.

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If you LOVE popping pimples, we just found the absolutely perfect game for you. Haye. 


‘Pop It Pal,’ is the game you have always wanted but have never received. Because lol, who would sit around to make this. But for all you pimple popping lovers, your pimple dreams have now come true.

Via: Deenga


According to their official site it’s a very elaborate game for pimple-poppers


In terms of coming up with the genius invention, it doesn’t seem as though there was much thought behind it. (Like all good things, of course.)


Just a side note, husband goals. He heard one silly thought of his wife and decided to create an entire product behind it. Not bad, not bad at all.

Source: Deenga

But anyway,

According to an article by Allure, it seems as though the ‘toy’ is not just for funsies, but in fact, can act as an aid for anyone who has anxiety or ADHD. It’s perfect for people who keep ‘picking’ at things or “picking at their own pores.” It acts as a distraction and sort of a channel for that frustration. Basically, it’s the best thing ever.


And it seems as though the Internet agrees ~

Can’t. Stop. Watching,

SHAMEFUL. (Jk, no judgment.)

Obsessed seems to be an understatement.

Know anyone who would love this?

But also, there were plenty of people who have shown absolute disapproval of the idea.

Source: Twitter

You’re not wrong.

Source: Twitter


Source: Twitter


Source: Twitter


Exact representation of probably many of you reading this right now.

Source: Twitter

But whatever, do what you need to friend, pop away or don’t pop away – JUST LIVE YOUR LIFE. Love you.

What do you think of the Pop It Pal? Would you buy it? Would you buy it for a friend? Which is actually secretly for yourself? Yeah, same. Let us know in the comments section below.


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