The Fast And Furious Actor Vin Diesel Just Praised Ramazan And Muslims Are Loving It

By Ather Ahmed | 30 May, 2017

The world may not know this but Vin Diesel has quite the fan following in Muslim countries including Pakistan. Ever since the first Fast and the Furious movie came out, the actor has been idolized by loads of people. Following the success of the recently released Fate Of The Furious, the actor is back in the limelight. And this time, it’s because he has been all praises for the month of Ramazan and all that it entails.

In a video surfaced on Muslim rapper French Montana’s instagram, Vin Diesel is seen praising the month of Ramazan.

The video shows both Vin Diesel and French Montana chilling at a resort location. Noting that the two are in the midst of a creative session, Vin Diesel expresses great regard for the month of Ramazan.

Describing it as an important holiday, the actor says that he’s proud of French Montana of ‘doing Ramazan’. While his choice of words may seem strange, Vin is actually congratulating French. He further implies that he himself has considered to fast this Ramazan. French tells the audience that he is convincing Vin on ‘doing Ramazan’.


Moreover Vin calls the whole concept of Ramazan ‘powerful’. He adds that the discipline the month offers is beneficial to anybody who decides to observe it.


Muslims across the world were over joyed over Vin’s comments:

Here’s the full video of Vin Diesel and French Montana wishing you Ramazan mubarik:

French Montana Tries to Get Vin Diesel to do Ramadan With Him

Vin Diesel doing Ramadan with French Montana ??

Posted by Brotherhood In Islam on Montag, 29. Mai 2017


Isn’t this super cute and heartfelt? We sure thought so. Let us know in the comments section below.


Cover Image Source: Screen Rant
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