This Video Will Make You Fall In Love With Pakistan ALL OVER AGAIN

By Haadia Paracha | 19 Aug, 2016

It starts with muffled whispers that turn into a rhythm, the rhythm turns into a pulse and the pulse is joined with sensory stimulation: This is more than just a song, it’s an experience. Telenor Rawaan’s video is proof of music transcending language, culture, border and boundaries.


It’s sure to give you goosebumps. 

The video is your guide to the next cross-country you absolutely must plan (if you haven’t already) as it showcases the diversity of Pakistan. The score is recorded in five different languages and features vocals by Shani, Asrar, Zeb Bangash & Akhtar Chanal. It is a directorial project of Jami, the jewel of Lollywood.

An almost ethereal external presence lingers as the video proceeds, the idea is to take you up on a journey that stretches beyond the bounds of physical dimensions. Sights and sounds are complimented with a little extra to leave you with a certain yearning for exploration beyond what meets the eye.


Be it vapours of agar batti 


Live performances on top of a desi truck


Piercing wind through the desert


A flock in the wild ruffling through the sand.


Or my personal favorite, waves kissing the shore.


These “experiences” alone can tickle your fancy but then, there are also some very breathtaking shots of Pakistan:


Shah Jehan Mosque

shah jehan mosque sindh

Khunjerab Pass

telenor 4

Gurdwara, Hasan Abdal

telenor 5

Attabad lake



People all over social media truly grasped the essence of the project, talking about the landscapes and rich culture Pakistan has to boast.


The video is an out-of-body experience, indeed.  Not only was the concept so well thought out, Jami’s beautiful camerawork turned it into a masterpiece. When joked about his thoughts on doing something similar using VR, Jami told MangoBaaz, “I worked with VR when it first came out in 1995, (it) can’t replace the Balochistan wind”.

And that has clearly been his vision all along.


Here’s the whole video for you

This post is sponsored by Telenor.

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