This Gorgeous Video Of A Road Trip In Northern Pakistan Will Give You Insane Wanderlust

By Kashaf | 5 Jan, 2018

It’s common knowledge that Pakistan is a breathtakingly beautiful country

With scenic landscape, gorgeous people and the amazing hospitality that we show to our guests there’s no doubt that ours is a beautiful country. Maybe that’s why it was recently called the top tourist destination by these British backpackers.


Anyone who visits falls in love with the abundance of beauty that this land has to offer. While the North may reel you in, it’s the variety of amazing landscape, weather, food and people that will keep you coming back for more.


This Twitter user by the name of Englistani recently shared a video he made of his road trip to Northern Pakistan and it is insanely gorgeous.

From the videography

source: @englistani/ Twitter

To the scenic views

source: @englistani/ Twitter

This video has artistically captured the beauty of the North

source: @englistani/ Twitter


If anyone wants to know the locations that this video was shot in, the person themselves gave their whole itinerary

They made sure to visit all the travel hotspots of the Northern Areas that are a must visit for anyone making a trip to this side of the world, for the first time.


People are completely obsessed with the video

And why wouldn’t they be with all the beauty that it captures.


It has also brought out a lot of  patriotism

There were people who couldn’t help but feel re-energized and tweeted out slogans that poured right out of their hearts.


How did you like the video? Sound off in the comments below and let us know your favorite spots to visit.


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cover image source: source: @englistani/ Twitter

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