The Government Finally Took Notice After A Video Of A Woman Being Beaten In Murree By Hotel Agents Went Viral

By Biya Haq | 17 Dec, 2018

This is disgusting.

When it comes to talking about it, most Pakistanis say they have the highest regard for women and have nothing but respect for them.

Unfortunately, with this latest viral video, it doesn’t seem to be the obvious case.

A video of a woman being harassed by men in Murree has gone viral and it is completely horrific.


In this video, a man took it upon himself to stand up for a woman who was allegedly beaten by four men with her young daughter standing by. According to the man, the woman and her family had come to Muree for their vacation.

Right in front of GPO Chowk, Local hotel agents began misbehaving with her and when she brought up the point that she could be their own sister or mother, they began to beat her up with numbers of people gathered at the scene. Finally, when the police were called – the local authorities refused to help and said the area was out of their jurisdiction and that the complaint had to be filed in Pindi.

This point in itself caused absolute distress and anger among people at the scene and since then, has been going viral on social media as well.

Source: Siasat.Pk Via Facebook
Source: Siasat.Pk Via Facebook
Source: Siasat.Pk Via Facebook

Other videos of the incident have been coming to light as well.

Source: DailyMotion
Source: Siasat.Pk Via Facebook
Source: Siasat.Pk Via Facebook

The social media outrage even caught the attention of Punjab authorities and an FIR was filed immediately.

There has been unrest and conflict between the locals of certain Northern areas and tourists for quite some time now. Earlier this year, many people even hosted protests against the violence in the North due to unfair treatment of tourists and visitors from not only other parts of Pakistan but other parts of the world as well.

The protests took place due to alleged locals abusing, harassing and even thrashing tourists and other people in the area.

Source: The Express Tribune

Causing complete unrest and fear to erupt, the only solution people saw fit was to boycott the tourist-heavy places in total. And now, with this latest video, it seems as though this boycott may just pick back up again. Pakistan has so much to offer to the world however with this kind of behaviour and treatment towards people who come to look for it, how do we expect our tourism and country, in the bigger picture, to flourish?

Watch the entire video here:

‫مری کے بدنام زمانہ ایجنٹ مافیا کے کارندوں نے اس خاتون کے ساتھ بدتمیزی کی، جواب دینے پر اکیلی نہتی خاتون کو سڑک پر لٹا کے تشدد کا نشانہ بنا ڈالا – لیکن مری پولیس کی بے حسی کاروائی کرنا تو دور، اس کی خلاف رپورٹ درج کرنے سے بھی یہ کہہ کر انکار کر دیا کہ یہ علاقہ انکی حدود میں نہیں آتا ‬

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Cover photo source: Siasat.Pk Via Facebook

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