Ushna Shah Is Being Dragged For Taunting Her Food Delivery Guy

By Noor | 15 Oct, 2019

Ushna Shah food delivery ko feminist issue bana ke phass gayein

Ushna Shah tweeted about an incident regarding food delivery but Twitter went wild and in no time, people were dragging the actress for wrongly attributing a simple exchange to feminism.


Ushna Shah got food delivery and just landed herself in trouble for her comments about it

Basically, the actress talked about how her pizza delivery boy was afraid of a growling dog but the use of some sexist and disrespectful remarks like ‘mard banien aur mardangi paida karien, enabled him to face his fear.

She further talked about how it would have been easier for the guy to just walk in and deliver the pizza instead of creating a scene.


Ushna Shah and her food delivery experience was criticized by the way the actress behaved with her food delivery guy

The actress was severely criticized for her behavior, people highlighted the privileges received by elites and emphasized on the point that delivery boys do not have the option of saying ‘no’ to difficult deliveries.


A majority labelled this entire narration of the incident as a very bad way of seeking attention


People argued that Ushna Shah made food delivery into a feminist issue when it was all about an extremely privileged person’s rant


A few mentioned that they were expecting her to apologize for this behavior to her delivery guy


Others pointed out that being scared of dogs cannot be linked to mardaangi


To clarify her stance, Ushna further shared how she felt and twisted it even further into challenging her delivery guy’s masculinity

She explained how normal requests did not work out and then she finally had to use the mardangi wali argument to win herself the pizza on her table inside the house. Ushna tried to claim that this incident says a lot about society.


People did not buy her arguments and kept on explaining how this behavior unveiled the elitist and inconsiderate side of Ushna Shah


They argued that the actress was trying to rationalize bullying

People were NOT convinced at all and were adamant to make the actress realize her mistake, on the contrary, Ushna had more to say.


Ushna then released a more detailed statement in her defence

Ushna started off by mentioning that explanations don’t sell but still she’s trying to explain her take on the whole issue. She gave a detailed description of the situation and talked about how the man card worked when nothing else seemed to work. The actress said that she aimed to create a conversation about masculinity and patriarchy. She mentioned that she was unable to stir a meaningful conversation and the Twitter folks ended up missing the actual point.


Ushna concluded her statement by saying that she has learnt her lessons and a public figure should not accept/highlight their flaws in public

She also mentioned that she often uses her twitter account to question the norms and stereotypes of the society but it usually offends the people who are waiting to be offended or are reading things out of context. She urged those people to unfollow her and for the next time, she asked the twitter warriors to understand the context before angrily spewing out hate.

So, what’s you take on the issue? Is there a link of patriarchy with this incident or can you spot paw prints of elitism? Let us know in the comments below.


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