After That Billionaire Falooda Seller, This Unemployed Guy From Jhang Has Discovered That He's Actually A Millionaire

By Maham Lari | 7 Oct, 2018

Wow, this unemployed guy is a richie rich and he didn’t even know it


How would you feel if someone told you that you had 173 million resting in a bank account registered in your name? Well some very interesting developments have been happening in “naya Pakistan” and with the FIA looking over suspicious activities it turns out there are some people who you’d never believe are secretly some of the richest people in Pakistan.


Remember this Falooda seller in Karachi who found out he’s actually a billionaire? 

He discovered he had 2.25 billion in his account that he had no idea about.

“I run a small stall. How can I have that much money?  They have seen it themselves,” he said while speaking to the media upon being investigated by FIA and summoned for his loaded bank account.

billionaire falooda seller


So, turns out this story is not all that strange because there’s this unemployed guy from Jhang who also has millions stashed in his account and had no idea about it.

This 22 year old gentleman says he had absolutely no idea that he holds an account which has an amount of 173 million. The FIA discovered the account in a private bank in Karachi contained Rs 173 million. Upon investigation, it was found that the account is owned by a jobless man, Asad Ali, from Jhang.


I mean dude, before making this fake account, couldn’t the depositor at least check lol

The investigation agency brought Ali to Karachi for questioning. Ali’s brother refused any association of his brother with the bank account in Karachi. Just like the bechara falooda seller, jobless Ali also had no idea until he was summoned by the FIA. This the second such incident in the case. The first was the falooda seller last week.

According to the FIA, the fake account has been traced and the people involved are being arrested.


People have naturally been shocked… and slightly envious of the guy


And we’re just here wondering when will we get some money in our accounts too, chalo ziada nahi toh at least a million in our bank accounts?

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No, seriously, where is the money?

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Would you like to get some extra money? Let us know what you think about this whole matter.



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