These Are The 12 Types of Pakistani Girls You’ll Come Across in North America

These Are The 12 Types of Pakistani Girls You’ll Come Across in North America

Last time I came up with a list of types of Pakistani guys you’ll meet in North America. So I figured, why not make one for all the Pakistani girls living out here?

1. The Fashion/Beauty Blogger

Lately, this has been the most popular one. Instagram pictures include close-ups of perfectly winged eyeliner and ombre lips. Video tutorials of Miss. Slaying Queen using a knife to contour her face because #KillEm with your looks.

2. The Bollywood Girl

Prances around her room in nothing but a towel with “Mere Khwabon Mein” blaring from her mouth. Knows what the acronym P.H.A.T. stands for because Poo has, and always will be the definition of #Goals.

3. The Yogi

Green smoothies and morning yoga = life. Snapchats include parfaits and acai bowls topped with bits of colourful fruit. Instagram pictures of Miss. Fit twisting her body in ways we all wish we could, accompanied by a self-reflecting quote. #Zen

4. The Hipster

Like the Pakistani guy, there is also the hipster Pakistani girl. A PSL from Starbucks is just too #basic so her Instagram pictures must include interiors of hidden cafes around the city. She can be seen in a pair of vintage Levi’s mom jeans purchased from the local thrift store, much like most of her closet.

5. The Naazuk Guriya

Uses her gender and frail figure as an excuse to emphasize that she needs a strong man to do all the lifting while she shops. And since girls don’t eat that much anyway, you can pretty much take her to any dinner or date and not expect shortage of food.

6. The Crowd Pleaser

Spent all her life talking about how boring baseball is but still buys tickets to the Blue Jays game along with their iconic blue merchandise. Walks into the party with shoe laces as a choker necklace and is instantly best friends with everybody because girl can rock a fake smile.

7. The Gold Digger

Ms. High Maintenance aint messin’ with no broke dudes. She will only marry a moneymaking machine aka ameer larka. Effortlessly knows how to make a man admit his net worth on the first date. “I only buy Birkin.” *flips hair*

8. The Tumblr Girl

The quirky girl in dresses and Converse whose mantra is #livelaughlove. Every Instagram picture is accompanied by a deep or inspirational quote. Facebook posts are little snippets of wisdom and every conversation is followed by a rant on insightful life lessons.

9. The Perfect Bahu

Her perfectly gol rotis bring all the rishtas to the yard. While the rest of us are like…

She spent her whole life becoming a doctor for the sole purpose of enhancing her “bio data.” And she’s perfectly fine with giving up her career for post-marital duties as a desi bride.

10. The Heartbreaker

The super hot model with a Kardashian body and Mahira Khan face. Go out with her and the hot waiter will look right past you, sometimes even forgetting to take your order. She rips guys’ hearts the way she does their numbers handed to her on the regular.

11. The Draamebaaz

Watches Star Plus for ideas on how to make other people’s lives miserable with endless scheming and gossip. Full-time school/work clearly isn’t enough so she needs some spicy conversation topics to fill up the rest of her day. Frankly, a little bit of masala never hurt right?

12. The Selfie Queen

Knows how to find the right lighting and perfectly angle her phone to capture the hazel eyes she thought were just boring brown her whole life. Weddings, concerts, dinner parties, she’ll be there with arms outstretched and camera in hand because #MemoriesMade #Moments

Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments below.

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