17 Types Of Drivers You Will Encounter On The Roads In Ramazan

By Sarah Babar | 8 Jun, 2017

Driving in Pakistan is perhaps one of the worst experiences anyone can ever have. It is made exceedingly pleasant with the company that you have on the roads. These people range from the best people ever, who actually give you the way to people who will drive baaaang in the middle of the road. And everything gets amplified by x100000000 in Ramazan because not only are they hungry, they’re also annoyed because they can’t eat, or smoke, or anything. So here it is, are you ready to see which one you are?

1. The angry one

Source: newsone.tv

This guy/girl is just angry. You can see them turn red at the slightest instance. Man on cycle just crossed them? ANGER. Traffic signal won’t turn green? ANGER. They’re in the car? ANGER.


2. The annoyed one

Source: Hum Network Limited

This one will just be annoyed with everything. And they won’t make any qualms in hiding it, and will constantly complain.


3. The hungry one

Source: senorgif.com/ Nickelodeon TV

Okay come on! They’re fasting, they haven’t had anything to eat or drink in so long. They’re bound to be hungry.


4. The irritated one

Source: Hum Network Limited

Similar to the annoyed driver, the irritated driver will just get irritated with anything and everything.


5. The agonized one

Source: gifbay

This driver isn’t okay. Just in pain, and it shows on their faces. And you’d want to reach out to them to help.


6. Also, the hungry one

Source: Olive Bridge Entertainment

There’s not just one of these, everyone’s hungry.


7. The chilled out one

Source: RahimPardesi / YouTube

One hand on the steering wheel, one on the armrest. This driver’s unfazed with everything. Probably not even fasting. And that’s okay. Or maybe this driver is just innately chilled out.


8. The respectful one

Source: United Plankton Pictures / Nickelodeon Animation Studios

You’ll see this driver sneaking a bite of their homemade sandwich (cuz no restaurants are open) making sure that nobody around them can see them eat. They will further take a swig out of the bottle of water, but again, will hide themselves.


9. The hostile one

Source: Disney Channel

Will. Never. Reciprocate. Driver. Smile/Salaam. Ever.


10 Oh and of course, the hungry one

Source: giphy.com/joerocco

There’s not just one of them.


11. The one who always has Iftar to share

Source: IranProgramPresstv / YouTube

This driver would always have a packet of dates and a few bottles of water handy. And as soon as you hear Maghrib ki azaan, this particular driver will get out of his/her car and start distributing them.


12. The easily provoked one

Source: MangoBaaz

If you do anything, and I mean anything wrong in front of this driver, you’ll face their wrath. They’ll get out of their car and definitely shout out some censored expletives at you!


13. The annoyed one

Source: giphy.com

In ki shakal per likha hua hai ke in ka din bura guzar raha hai. 


14. The angrier one

Source: MangoBaaz

Well, you don’t want to cross paths or cars with this one. This one has gone FULL MENTAL. STAY AWAY STAY AWAY STAY AWAY


15. The angel

Source: imgur.com

This one is probably there to just look out for everyone. They’ll give you¬†raasta¬†to cross, they’ll stop the car for pedestrians, and will basically¬†nibhao¬†their¬†roza¬†to the fullest.

16. Did we forget the hungry one?

Source: ShaytardGIFS

You’re also kinda one of them, too. And you’re not to be blamed, either.¬†Roza hai yaar.


17. You

Source: Danish Ali

You drive at an average speed, you don’t bug anyone on the road, you give¬†raasta. You sometimes have outbursts, but you’re human, after all. Iscool.¬†Keep being you. Thank you.



Cover image via Al Jazeera Video

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