Twin Cities Initiate a Series of Deewar-e-Meherbani to Celebrate Valentine's Day With Those in Need

By Haadia Paracha | 14 Feb, 2016

While the city bathes in red, flower-vendors parade the streets with flowers and balloons and every business in sight is entrenched in proclamations of love, a few citizens of the Twin Cities have initiated a series of Deewar-e-Meherbani to celebrate this Valentine’s Day with those in need, thanks to the Do-Good Mob.

The Do-Good Mob is a social initiative founded to drive civic and social responsibility into the community.

Prior to this year’s deewar-e-meherbani drive, the mob has been celebrating Valentine’s Day in unconventional ways for the past three years, by virtue of spreading love, joy and massive smiles among the unfortunate.

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And the response was overwhelming.

Students from NUST and Air University got involved hands on, packing lots of positive energy and gaining massive support. Some replicated the original concept of the ‘wall of kindness’, conceived in Iran, while some students brought their own creativity to the mix by visiting schools, old age homes and hospices.

Here’s a photo-walk of their humble efforts:


Wall of Kindness: F-10/4

Deewar-e-Meherbani, Karachi Company


Lunch with Transgenders, F-11

Ghubara-e-Meherbani, Jinnah Super Market


Wall of Solidarity: National Baptist Church

Deewar-e-Khidmat, French Colony


Shajar-e-Meherbani, Fatima Jinnah Park


Koi Baat Karo: Baghban Old Age Homes

Deewar-e-Meherbani, F-11/2


Deewar-e-Meherbani, G-10/2


Wall of Love, Christian Colony Westridge 


Mere Bagh Ki Titliyaan: Naan Stop @ F-10

Spreading Smiles: Saddar



Interactive activity: H-12 Kachi Abadi


Valentine’s Day is subject to many controversies, with many flat-out declaring the day un-Islamic. Recently, the President himself endorsed the non-halal nature of this day. While the mangoes at MangoBaaz firmly believe in “live and let live”, this Do-Good Mob deserves a special mention for truly embracing the true spirit of this day. Most of these locations are accepting donations and contributions. Why not do a good deed this Valentine’s Day?

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