13 TV Ads That Will Make You Laugh And Cry Because They're So Bad

By Ahsan Mirza | 8 Jun, 2015

Let’s face it, the Pakistani advertisement agencies have done very little to warrant praise and affection from the TV watching audience. Witnessing funny awfulness, such as the commercial mentioned above, brings some interesting questions to mind. Is this the worst commercial produced in the history of Pakistani television? If not then how bad is the worst commercial in the history of Pakistani television? The following are possibly some of the worst commercials to come out of Pakistan.

Note: Viewer discretion is highly advised for experiencing these commercials!

1. Kit Kat Telcam Powder

First things first, let us witness a true spectacle, a brilliant masterpiece straight out of the world famous Hassan Studio, secretly situated somewhere in the heart of Pakistan – the ‘Kit Kat Telcam Powder’ advertisement.  The fact that they gave the term ‘talcum’ a new spelling and a new pronunciation, speaks volumes about the geniuses working behind this ad.


2. Bodyguard Saabun (Hamesha)

Yes, a wonderful throwback to the magical days of PTV and STN! This commercial is not only comical but also quite disturbing. Have you ever seen a bad guy’s butt being kicked by a soap? No? Well, this advertisement should change that.


3. Faiza Beauty Cream

‘Kali, kali, keel, jhaaiyon wali!’ A brilliant chorus to a technically-brilliant commercial masterpiece. We will let the ad do the talking for you.


4. Nargis Beauty Cream

For some odd reason, there seems to be this secret campaign against people with darker skin tones. Nargis Careem – your one-tube solution to pimples, dark circles, black heads, kali shakal, dry lips, occasional headaches, dual-personality complexes, measles, road rage, and even AIDS.

5. Qamar Chaa – wah bhai wah!

Innocent girl walking by, innocently holding books. Enter villains. Tease the girl. Girl stays quiet. Enter Choudary Saab. Villains flee. Thank you Qamar Chaa! The end.

6. Cheema Mobile Center

What are the ingredients to a ‘hit’ TVC? A catchy tone from some Bollywood flick? Dancing girls holding phones? Presence of a notorious movie star and absolute idiocy? Yep.


7. Telefun

Speaking of catchy tones…what rhymes with fun? 0900-78601 of course! We’ve all tried to call on this number at least ONCE in our life!

8. Hassan Computer Center

Eat. Sleep. Buy your P4 for Savin-Thousand Rupees. Repeat.

9. Hakeem M. Ali Dawakhana

For men and women who wish to wear their hair as clothes, please contact Mr. Hakeem M. Ali Dawakhana. He gives you a magic potion to fix your face too. Again, it’s that secret Hassan Studio behind this ad!

10. Treet Kala

Treet Kala – Shave Banaey Bohut Aala! The epic journey of a man – from a Neanderthal to a modern-day Playboy!

11. Josh DingDongs (ft. Mathira)

This TVC was on for about a week before authorities deemed it too inappropriate for the younger audiences. Wonder why, though.

12. Zahoor Kheer Mix

Zahoor Kheer Mix – Lazzat aur Tawanaai say bharpoor, ZAHOOR!


13. Harpic Power Toilet Cleaner – for people who can’t touch their noses with their tongues.

Special mentions:

Naz Pan Masala and Gogo Pan Masala

Just because they’re old and make you feel nostalgic, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are any less unimpressive.

Well, there you have it, hope these made you laugh and not just cringe. If you think we missed out on some, let us know in the comments below.

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