15 Hot AF Turkish Drama Actors That Will Make Your Fragile Heart Beat A Little Faster

By Astarte | 28 Mar, 2018

Turkish drama actors are MashAllah

Apart from good tourism and scenery Turkey has given us something else to cherish and hold close to our hearts. Very, very close. And that is Turkish dramas. With Turkish dramas not only do we get a change in the stereotypical story lines, we got some AMAZING looking men to look at during our lunch breaks and life breaks.

So here they are, just some of the fine, fine men we have come across in Turkish dramas, in recent times. You’re welcome.


1. Mehmet Akif Alakurt

Tareef keroun kya uski… this hottie has left the drama industry but my oh my, he’s still drool-worthy.

Turkish Drama actors Mehmet Akif
Source: superstarsbio.com


2. Onur Tuna

Look into those eyes…

Turkish drama actors Onur Tuna
Source: @onurtuna / Instagram

And that glare that is the personification of “if looks could kill. 😍  😍 😍



3. Burak Özçivit

We saw him prove his acting mettle in Mera Sultan and now he’s Osman Bey. More like Osman bae 😛😛😛

Source: @burakozcivit / Instagram


He’s got to be one of the most well known Turkish drama actors in Pakistan these days

And no one’s complaining 😏

Turkish drama actors Osman Bey again
Source: @burakozcivit / Instagram


4. Engin Akyürek

Source: bedanirani.ir

One of the first introduction for mainstream Pakistani audience to Turkish drama actors, he was the man we loved to hate in “Fatima Gul”: Kerim

Turkish drama actors fatmagul
Source: Ay Yapım

And then he was badass AF in “Kala Paisa Pyaar”

turkish drama actors kara para ask
Source: Ay Yapım


5. Tolgahan Sayışman

We’ve seen him in shows like “Junoon Tere Pyaar Ka” and “Love Is In The Air”.

turkish drama actors tolgahansayisman
Source: @tolgahansayisman / Instagram


6. Çağatay Ulusoy

He definitely made our hearts skip a beat in “Aashiyana Meri Mohabbat Ka”.

turkish drama actors cagatayulusoy
Source: @cagatayulusoy / Instagram


7. Mehmet Günsur

turkish drama actors mehmet.gunsur
Source: @mehmet.gunsur / Instagram


He’s one of those Turkish drama actors who left quite an impression on us in the wildly popular “Mera Sultan”

turkish drama actors mera sultan mehmet
Source: Tims Productions


8. Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ

turkish drama actors kivanc
Source: mavi.com


Arguably the OG of the Turkish drama actors introduced to Pakistani actors, Behlul has taken our breaths away on more occasions that we can count…

turkish drama actors behlul
Source: Ay Yapım


9. Birkan Sokullu

turkish drama actors birkan 1
Source: @birkansokullu1 / Instagram


There’s something about Birkan’s scruffy look and hair that won’t get out of his face and he’s that kind of Turkish drama actors that will get you swooning with one look

turkish drama actors birkan 2
Source: @birkansokullu1 / Instagram


10. Cengiz Coşkun

turkish drama actors turgut actor
Source: fotocdncube.gazetevatan.com


One of those Turkish drama actors who, despite his role not being the most lovable, has gained a wide and crazy following in Pakistan

Source: Tekden Film


11. Haluk Piyes

Source: @halukpiyes / Instagram


12. Buğra Gülsoy

Source: @bugragulsoy / Instagram


13. Burak Deniz

Source: superstarsbio.com


Arguably the most beloved of the Turkish drama actors in Pakistan, Burak has a huge fan following and we’re pretty sure you know this man inside out, by now

Source: bursadabugun.com


14. Halit Ergenç

Source: superstarsbio.com


15۔ İbrahim Çelikkol

Source: Ergin Turunc


Juuuuust before you go, here’s one last photo of İbrahim to complete our list of hot AF Turkish drama actors because 🔥 🔥 🔥 

Source: @ibrahimcelikkol41 / Instagram


Source: dailykos.com via Giphy


Soooo, who’s your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. Okay byeee ~





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Cover image: @burakcelikofficial via Instagram  / yeniasir.com

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