So, We Tried The Largest Pizza Slice In Pakistan And Here's What We Think

By Saad Zubair | 26 Oct, 2017

Who doesn’t love a good Pizza? The oodles of cheese slathered on a piping hot bread with chunks of juicy meat and crunchy vegetables… yummm. A Pizza is the most versatile food item that’s ever been invented. You can eat it hot or cold, with ketchup or without it, with meat or as a veggie pizza. There’s so much that can be done with a Pizza and that’s what makes it the best thing.

So today, we decided to try the largest pizza slice in Pakistan

Broadway Pizza announced that they’re launching the largest pizza slice that you can get in Pakistan. I’ll be honest and we ordered two slices that were the Phantom and Chicken Fajita respectively. We also got four sauces that would serve as dips. I went for the Jalapeno and Garlic Ranch and there were two of each.

Now, if you’ve been following our Snapchat, those slices were humongous. Just when I saw them, I felt these could easily be one pizza each on their own.

Just take a look at these beauties!


People on social media have been raving about this for a couple weeks now

Obviously, there were some, showing off the massive slice:

Via: Facebook


Via: Facebook


Then, there were those who couldn’t understand all the hype

Via: Facebook

Clearly, some weren’t too impressed with the pizza itself. Size isn’t everything but it at least made for some interesting chatter on social media for Broadway Pizza.


So here’s our verdict

The slices were the biggest we’ve ever taken a bite out of. We went for the stuffed crust so that added to the flavor as well. In terms of the taste, it’s the same pizza that you’ve had before at Broadway. This time its just a larger size. And it’s only because of its sheer size and enormousness that there’s all the rage on social media.

Via: Facebook

At the end of the day, it’s a fine marketing attempt from Broadway. In my opinion, it’s hard for one single person to finish an entire slice unless you’re dying of hunger. We wonder if this will launch the competition into trying to make an even bigger slice to top of this 40 incher.


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