Pakistanis Are Furious That A Transgender Was Allegedly Stripped At A Hospital, Despite Police Being Present

By Maliha Khan | 30 Jul, 2018

The transgender community in Pakistan is continuously harassed and ridiculed due to reasons they cannot change about themselves. The injustice they receive on a daily basis is the dark side of our nation that our society tends to keep hidden. Well, not anymore. We are all humans and we ALL deserve equality.

A recently shared video shows a transgender female outside of a hospital in KP, expressing how she and a fellow member of the community were stripped naked by medical staff – with the police present.

Transgender women stripped by medical staff.Health deparment should take strict action against the responsible staff. We demand to establish a inquiry comittee. Striping and harrasing transgender persons by the health care providers and supported by police is shameful.Directorate of Human Rights KP and NCHR must take strict action. #TransAction

Gepostet von Trans Action Pakistan am Samstag, 28. Juli 2018

In the video, the individual is devastated by the fact that she had received that type of animalistic treatment at a place that is supposed to be safe.

Hospitals are a place people go to receive treatment and places like these are “supposed” to be open to everyone regardless of color, religion, and sex. However, these transgenders were allegedly forced to give up their rights in this “safe” space.

Source: Facebook/Trans Action Pakistan

We can see her crying and screaming at the top of her lungs for justice, while the culprits have apparently fled or are roaming in the background of her video.

Source: Facebook/Trans Action Pakistan

Does this not show that the people involved are not scared of the repercussions? That they are not afraid of what will happen to them, because it is normal in their eyes to take advantage of a group of people that are often times not considered a part of our society?

The demons that come out to play in these people need to be put away for good. Izzat is something our society chases to no end, so who gets to decide who gets izzat and who doesn’t?

Source: Facebook/Trans Action Pakistan

As the video started circulating, more and more people started reacting to this alleged act of atrocity.

People were shocked by the horrifying act.

Transgender 1
Via Facebook
Transgender 3
Via Facebook

There was also one question that everyone seemed to be asking

Transgender 2
Via Facebook

It is not clear from the video if police officers were part of the harassment, but it is claimed that they were present, which makes the situation a lot more difficult to take in.

People remained mortified at how the incident unfolded.

Transgender 4
Via Facebook
Transgender 6
Via Facebook

People also want the hospital to be held accountable

Transgender 5
Via Facebook
Transgender 8
Via Facebook

Pakistanis are demanding that justice be served.

Transgender 7
Via Facebook


And are helping in the form of legal guidance

Transgender 9
Via Facebook.

Around the same time this video was being shared, another case of harassment surfaced. A member of the transgender community was brutally beaten by a “friend” and went to the Police for help. The Police her to a nearby hospital for a checkup and medical exam. At the hospital, she was stripped of her clothes and ridiculed about the way she looked by three medical staff members.

Transgender girl in district Nowshera of Khybrer Pakhtunkhwa is sexually harassed and striped by 3 medical staff in…

Gepostet von Trans Action Pakistan am Samstag, 28. Juli 2018

The silver lining is this woman was able to get justice and the culprits were caught.

Let’s not lose hope and do our part in society and let’s become a voice for those who aren’t usually heard. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments.


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