This Transgender Woman Being Refused A Ticket By Lahore Railway Station Reveals How We Still Have A Long Way To Go

By Alveena Jadoon | 17 Jan, 2018

The society never stops their ill-treatment of transgender community in the country. From the blatant refusal to accept their existence to the sheer subhuman treatment that they get every day.


Yet another incident of discrimination against the transgender community has surfaced online



A transgender woman, Sara Gill, and her friend were trying to get a ticket from the Railway Station in Lahore but were being denied tickets in the female section because of their gender identity

This, of course, upset Sara and she decided to record the incident to show to fellow Pakistanis how they are treated every day. The ticketing master was adamant that they sit in the male section but the harassment and shame that they would have faced there is no secret.

Via: Facebook

Sara said she’s well versed in her rights offered to her by the Constitution of Pakistan. She knew that the treatment being offered to her was not only sub-human but also against the Constitution of the country. Disappointed by the treatment of the ticketing master, she went around asking for help from as many individuals as possible. She was not ready to settle with the fact that someone can casually dismiss her demands because of the gender identity. This might have happened for a long time in the country, but it surely has to stop now.


In her fury, she also offered to take of her clothes to prove her identity

Via: Facebook

Getting seats in the female section would have meant an easier journey. This is based entirely on her experience with people in Pakistan. She and her friend were scared that if they were seated in the male section, not only would every casually harass them and make fun of them; no one would dare protect them either.


After several attempts, she was finally offered help and people urged the authorities to treat them fairly

Lahore railway station ticket authority denied giving us ticket when they got to know we are transgender's not girls.#sequinze

Posted by Apna Model Colony on Sonntag, 14. Januar 2018


Despite the laws of the country, which not only acknowledge their existence in the country but also promise them equal rights, it is heartbreaking to see the lack of implementation of these laws. It goes to show that making laws is not the only step necessary to bring change, it is the enforced implementation of these laws which changes the mindsets of the people.

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