People Can't Stop Appreciating This Traffic Police Officer In Karachi For A Simple Act Of Kindness

By Sarmad Amer | 9 Apr, 2017

One is usually apprehensive of the law enforcement personnel in our part of the world for their inability to sympathize with the common folks and their tendency to take undue advantage of their position. Many of you may have even called these folks chillarh because of their particular hunger for a few extra rupees to lace their pockets, illegally.

Well, one traffic police officer in Karachi is amassing more praise than hatred from the people

Source: Ubaid Rasheed / Facebook


The dude has been empathetic toward the travelers on the road and went the extra mile to make their lives easier

Source: Ubaid Rasheed / Facebook


Such sad is our state of affairs that small gestures from people are so rare that we can’t help but appreciate when someone does stuff like this for us

Source: Ubaid Rasheed / Facebook


Shared by Ubaid Rasheed on Facebook, this traffic police officer has people saluting him for doing the right thing.

Source: Ubaid Rasheed / Facebook


Even Ubaid wrote that it is people like this officer who’re keeping Karachi moving forward

Aj kal ese bhi log ha jin ki wajha se karachi chal raha ha allah is bande ko khush rakhe” wrote Ubaid in his Facebook post, on April 4, which has since been shared hundreds of times.

Gives you a moment of pause that it’s for people like our officer here and not government departments that are supposed to do their jobs that who are shouldering the burden for the most basic repair and maintenance work of Pakistan’s biggest city.

We tried reaching out to Ubaid for further details on the officer and his kind gesture but hadn’t heard from him until the time of publication.

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