Here Are 13 Super Easy Totkay To Boost Hair Growth Using Everyday Ingredients

By MangoBaaz Studio | 17 Jan, 2019

Hair damage in the winter is worrisome. Protein deficiency, stress, hormonal issues, seasonal changes and even over-styling due to the shaadi season all result in hair damage. Har larki ki hai yehi pareeshani. But with the use of natural, organic ingredients, you can not only have healthy hair but also help to grow them longer. Isn’t that the dream, after all? And the best part about these organic ingredients is how accessible they all are. For example,  who knew potatoes can give you more than just fries? Or that Moringa hair oil by Keshia would prove to be a miracle solution for hair re-growth?

Here are some natural remedies to boost your hair growth and get that necessary shine:


1. Onion Juice


Flavorsome onions that add the appetizing touch to our pizzas or desi gravies have another unknown benefit. Applying onion juice not only nourishes your hair follicles but minimizes hair thinning and breakage. Not only will one have a healthier scalp free of infections but you’ll also have reduced dandruff.

Dab onion juice with a cotton pad on your hair followed by a gentle massage to see the results.


2. Aloe vera


Application of aloe vera gel on scalp repairs the damaged cells, due to existent enzymes. Its nutrients allow faster hair regrowth.

Apply this gel for an hour and repeat for 2-3 times a week for better texture and hydrated hair.


3. Honey


Honey seals the moisture in your hair, allowing conditioning. Its benefits ranging from being antibacterial to a booster of hair re-growth. Honey can be used as an ingredient in hair masks with combinations of olive oil, yogurt, and eggs etc.


4. Moringa Oil

Here’s the deal with this product. It tackles various aspects of oil usage and basically fixes our oiling routine for us. Firstly, alongside many beneficial ingredients, this brand uses ‘Moringa’ as a main ingredient which is best for hair fall & premature hair graying. It is a 100% organic anti-hair fall oil that allows for hair regrowth.

Moreover, the brand goes ahead and gives you a comb attached to the packaging which makes application a whole lot easier without causing any breakages. It makes sure that the oil seeps in to your roots.

Apply from the roots to the tips with the comb thrice a week for four months for not only healthy, long, shiny and strong hair but also to fortify hair re-growth.


5. Amla


Amla prevents the premature greying along with the strengthening of the scalp and hair. A solution for all the girls facing lice infections or dandruff problems.

A mixture of amla and lemon juice will further help to strengthen roots.


6. Castor Oil


An ideal hair growth solution. Every month, our hair is expected to grow by half an inch. Castor oil thickens your hair and boosts the rate of growth three times faster. It can also thicken your eyelashes and eyebrows. The texture of this oil is thicker so it can be difficult to wash out. Saari bottle matt lagayein please.

Apply from the roots to the tips with gentle massage and keep it for 15-20 minutes.


7. Potato Juice


Besides being a major ingredient to the recipe of aaloo gosht, it reduces the impurities from hair follicles, provides a natural shine and conditions your hair.

Massage the potato juice for 10 minutes and wash after keeping it for 15 minutes with either cool or lukewarm water.


8. Lemon Juice


When life gives you lemons…add them to your hair? Lemons have Vitamin C that allows hair growth.

Apply either by diluting with water or mixing with coconut and olive oil for better results. This natural remedy is also a solution to control oil production in the scalp. Further combinations with honey, aloe vera, and castor oil individually can also do wonders for the hair.

9. Coconut Oil


Want lustrous and softer hair? This oil is another remedy with antifungal properties that improve blood circulation within the scalp and conditions your hair for the ultimate smooth texture. Besides curbing hair breakage it protects hair from environmental damage and heat.

A warm oil massage is the way to go. Keep it overnight and wash the next morning.


10. Beetroot Juice


Beetroots contain Vitamin A, C, Iron, and Calcium. This totka is also a relief against premature balding and an itchy scalp.


11. Cumin Seeds


For lustrous hair, mix cumin seeds in any hair oil. Warm the oil and apply on scalp leaving it overnight. Another method of using this ingredient could be by boiling seeds in water for ten minutes and straining them. Further addition of egg yolk and olive oil to the mixture is to follow. Application on hair while massaging will give the desired results.


12. Olive Oil


Olive oil increases hair elasticity and repairs it against chemical damage. It also prevents hair loss. Virgin olive oil is the recommended version to fortify hair growth.


13. Almond Oil


Another conditioning agent and a solution for a flaky scalp. It strengthens hair by reducing split ends and allowing continuous hair growth. Rich with Vitamin E, it makes hair look younger and healthier.

These are some of the many natural remedies for stimulating your hair growth. Try out these remedies to get those luscious locks. Please avoid a known ingredient if you are prone to allergy. Let us know how it works out for you!

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This post has been sponsored by Keshia

Apply from the roots to the tips with the comb thrice a week using the comb for easy application. In four months, not only will you achieve long and lustrous hair but your hair will be healthy and strong as well.



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