Top 11 Places in Karachi You Should Visit with Your Besties

By Shanzeh Jalali | 22 Feb, 2022

Karachi is the city that has all and now you can take a day off and do exciting things with the girls

Quality time spent with the girls is the most relaxing time ever. The chai, gossip, making TikToks, and the endless ranting; it’s all worth it. 

Ever wondered where to go hang out with your girlfriends with ease? We have got you covered 

Unfortunately, in Pakistan girls cannot just sit on the street till 2 am or go to places that are prominently dominated by men. We, at Mangobaaz, want everyone to be careful especially in a busy city like Karachi. Hence, here are 11 places where you can visit with your girlies for a satisfactory time without a worry in the world.

1. Test kitchen by okra


Your gang wants to chill in a warm cozy place and have delicious food? Test kitchen is there for you. Test kitchen by okra is a chef operated bakery which is popular for its desserts and sandwiches. Side note: their ‘pain au chocolat’ is giving us pain because its not in our mouths right now 

2. Wang Wang 


A hot spot for hot pot! 

Wang Wang let’s you cook traditional chinese food all while talking to your friends. Pros: you don’t have to ask the waiter ‘khanay mei aur kitna time hai?

3. Bahria Adventure Land Theme Park Karachi


What if we told you that you can have an experience similar to Disney Land but in your city. Bahria Town Adventure Land has a rollercoaster, dancing fountain, and a FERRIS WHEEL. A great place to hangout with your girls who love the adrenaline rush. 

4. District 19 Karachi


From an ice factory to a place where contemporary art comes to life, District 19 is hot right now. They recently had an all you can eat sushi event on valentines day and come on…who doesn’t like all-you-can-eat sushi. 

5. Science Museum Karachi


The TDF MagnifiScience Centre is the first interactive and hands-on learning museum in Karachi. A perfect place to spend time with your friends. 

6. T2f


This cozy place has a café, restaurant, bookshop, art gallery, and theatre performances from time to time. The 2nd Floor has a serene vibe and ALWAYS smells like warm coffee.

7. Ocean Mall Laser Tag 


Feeling competitive? Challenge your gal pals to a friendly match at Battle Station. A high-end laser Laser Tag place for friendly contests and a whole lotta fun. 

8. Carrefour 


Grocery shopping can be boring…but not if your besties are there to keep you company. Get ready and take pictures in the aisles, get more chips than you were supposed to, climb into the trolley and take turns moving it around, there are A LOT of possibilities. 

9. Faraar Escape Game


Located in Phase 6 DHA, Faraar Escape Game is the first ever escape room in Karachi. Gather your girl pals and set out to escape the room. 

10. Benazir Bhutto Park


A relaxing day that includes painting and juices, who wouldn’t want that. When the weather isn’t too hot, go to Benazir Bhutto Park and take some time off. 

11. Hawksbay Beach 


The trick to going to Hawksbay Beach is: 1. Make a plan on a weekday, 2. Go at 9 am. Take some halwa puri, music, and extra slippers with you. The perfect place to hang out without getting disturbed. 


What is your perfect place to hangout with your girlies? Let us know in the comments below. 

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