This Tobacco Company Has Been Sending Cryptic Messages On Their Packs And It's Kinda Freaky

By Ather Ahmed | 21 Aug, 2017

DISCLAIMER: Smoking is a really dangerous habit and we don’t endorse it in any way. Please don’t kill yourself.


For those of you who smoke Marlboro Lights Pakistani, are you just noticing it right now, as well?


Since the past few months, something out of place has started to appear on the cigarette packs.

No, I am not talking about the intense graphic of a guy with mouth cancer. Neither am I talking about the smoking is bad for your health message in Urdu. These things have been going on for ages.

I am talking about the peace sign that started showing up randomly on packs recently.

Source: Naveed Anwer


These symbols are kinda freaky, tbh

Source: Naveed Anwer

No one knows why it’s there. There is no description of any sorts that might just indicate what it’s about. It’s just there hiding in plain sight. Staring back at you in a cocky fashion, like it knows something you don’t. Maybe it’s a cryptic a message of sorts by the company.

Like visitors from outer space telling us that they come and peace and are only concerned with a hefty investment, they made in the tobacco industry. Or the company is trying to tell us that instead of killing each other we should smoke ourselves to death. Yeah thora ziada hogia sorry.


People have their own theories on the matter of course

Via: Facebook


Some of those theories are rather dark

Via: Facebook


While others are just confusing, at best

Via: Facebook


Some say it’s the company’s way of identifying their original brand

Via: Facebook


But then why does every pack have a different symbol?

Shouldn’t the company want to identify the original brand with just one similar symbol on all packs?

Some had the one where the company bragging about its ‘firm filter’.

Via: Facebook
Via: Facebook


If you know the real story behind the peace sign please let us know in the comment section below cuz we’re rather freaked out with this crazy symbolism, tbh. Illuminati scene toh nahi hai?

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