15 Intense Struggles That Go Through Your Head If You've Ever Hosted A Daawat

By Kulsoom Inam | 24 Mar, 2018

You only know these struggles if you’ve ever hosted a daawat

Throwing a party or what us desis call daawats can be tiring and frustrating. With all the cleaning, cooking, supervising, and making arrangements – it can get pretty stressful. Sometimes you get angry at yourself for even coming up with the idea when you could have simply sat at home and enjoyed the weekend. Other times you can’t help recall all the bad things about the guests you invited – but alas you must host them.

Here are some thoughts that creep up in your mind when you are hosting a big bash:


1. It is actually a lot more expensive than anticipated.

Source: The Vision Factory Films


2. Oh shit, all this cooking, cleaning, and arranging has already drained my energy… and the guests haven’t even arrived yet. 

Source: gossipaunty.com


3. Crap, they arrived already!?! I’m not even ready yet…

Source: Oriental Films


4. Lo ji, poora khandaan uthha laey.

Invitation tou sirf do ka tha

Source: Dharma Productions


5. Those little devils better not break anything.

Source: Miramax Films


6. (When someone spills soda on the carpet) Crap, that is going to leave a stain! 

 Hand them a towel and let them clean up the mess they created.

Source: Oriental Films


7. (After like the 6th refill) Are they eating or gulping the entire platter? 

When was the last time they ate?

Source: newlovetimes.com


8. Can’t wait to relax all day tomorrow and enjoy the leftovers from the daawat today.

Source: blogtobollywood.com


9. Dinner ended ages ago, why are they still here? Are they planning to sleep over?

source: Hum Network Limited


10. No one better suggest after-dinner tea/coffee or I’ll drown them in it.

Source: Bhansali Productions


11. (When the guest says “acha ab chaltay hain” for the 174836598th time) Ab jaa bhi chuko!!!

*patiently waiting*

Source: Columbia Pictures


12. What caused such a mess, was my home bombed or was it attacked by some savages??

Source: Showcase Productions


13. Thank God, they’re finally out the door!

Peace at last!

Source: ARY Films


14. Oh good gracious, they got us such lovely presents.


Source: Vinod Chopra Films


15. I SURVIVED! Let’s do it again sometime.

Source: gfycat.com


Do love or hate hosting parties? Let us know in the comments below.


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