This Year's HBLPSL Is All About Celebrating The Fans And It’s All So Wholesome

By MangoBaaz Studio | 15 Mar, 2019

This is the age where superstars are interacting with their fans over a friendly Twitter exchange like it’s no big deal!

HBLPSL, a journey which began four years ago, has quickly developed a fanfare of it’s own to the point where the franchise is now projecting itself as one of the top domestic T20 leagues in the world of cricket! Honestly, HBLPSL sounds like a national festival now with the zeal and enthusiasm that the awaam collectively shows every single year.

Source: Dawn

But this year, the franchise went a step ahead and made a lot of dreams come true. Imagine Shahid Afridi tweeting you back a video of himself! Yep, that happened!

Honestly, I would’ve died if he ever sent me back a thank you video!

Remember the epic highlight when Faheem Ashraf took 6 wickets against Islamabad United?

We all screamed, lekin yeh larki game le gayi. Someone please notice me too…

And Fakhar Zaman, oh man…

Young entrants, and absolute champions, like Agha Salman also sent back so much love!

It’s honestly a dream of a cricket fan to have their idols speak to them directly and we can’t believe that actually happened, but this time HBLPSL has been grand on another level.

A lot of fans were invited and featured on the pitch in a mini-series with none other than Ramiz Raja.

Remember Rizla? That one Pakistan fan who lit fire across social media last year? Look at her still cheering on cricket, this time on a bigger stage than ever!

On Crease with Ramiz Episode 10 – HBLPSL 2019

On Crease with Ramiz episode 10 features one of the biggest fans of Pakistani cricket, a regular face in stadium, Rizla Rehan. Watch Rizla as she answers Ramiz Raja's questions in the fun filled segment, Speed Demons! #HBLPSL #TheDreamOfTheNation #BackToCricket #OCWR

Gepostet von HBL am Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2019

You think celebrating the biggest fans ever stops just there? Think again. Here’s the Hulla Gulla Truck in all of its glory…

And here are the biggest of cricket fans getting a chance to express their love for cricket.

Here’s Mr. Pakistan, the true sport ambassador of our country.

And the superfan Altaf, sharing an interesting story about his love for the sport!

All in all, HBL has been dedicated to putting up a fantastic show for the world, and has been truly commendable when it comes to recognizing and celebrating the fans who are the sole reason behind any event’s success. HBLPSL is almost nearing the end now, and we have so many memories around it all – kind of honestly just don’t want it to end.

This post has been sponsored by HBL.

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