This Woman Was Beaten, Stripped & Thrown Out On The Streets By Her In-Laws, Now She's Asking For Justice

By Biya Haq | 12 Oct, 2018

Domestic violence is an issue that rarely gets the attention it deserves. It’s a problem that prevails at all economic levels and backgrounds. Women, and men, who have suffered at the hands of their spouses remain quite in fear of the public reaction to “resolve the issue within the family”.


Mehreen Bibi, a young woman living in absolute fear, says she was beaten by her in-laws, thrown out of her own home and left naked on the streets.

Mehreen made a video of herself speaking about all of the horrible acts that were carried out on her by her own in-laws. She’s demanding justice against the atrocities she says were committed against her.



Mehreen revealed that after being married to her husband for ten years, she found out that he was addicted to gambling and drinking

Her husband and father in law also forced her to give up her own inheritance and give it to her husband to spend on his own addictive antics.

Some years into her marriage, her physical abuse spread to men, other than her husband, in her family. She says she was brutally beaten as a norm.

Finally, once Mehreen was beaten, abused and forcefully thrown out naked of her own home at ten o’ clock at night, did she decide to make a video of herself, exposing her family’s crimes.


Mehreen is now reaching out to the public and social media for help, as she fears that her father-in-law who is of a man of power, has the ability to sidestep and falsify the accusations.

The video of her speaking her truth has been making rounds on the Internet and we are hoping, that it finds itself in the right hands.


People commenting on the video, are rallying to show their support for her

They’re asking for programs to educate women, and men, about such behavior and security in marriage. Appeals are being made to authorities to step in to give justice to Mehreen.


The age of intolerance and degradation towards women has to come to an end. The rest of the world is changing and no matter how far behind we may be compared to every other country, the treatment of our mothers, daughters and sisters is something that we need to change immediately.

If social media can be used for anything, it can certainly be used for the savior of those who are begging for help.


Watch the whole video of Mehreen here

Journalist beats his own daughter in law, throws her out naked

" میرے شرابی اور جواری شوہر اور سسر اور دیوروں نے مجھ پر تشدد کیا مجھے برہنہ کر کے گھر سے باہر پھینکا دیا ، سسر کرپٹ صحافی ہیں بلیک میل کرتے ہیں ، پولیس بھی مدد نہیں کر رہی ، وزیراعظم ، وزیراعلیٰ اور چیف جسٹس سے انصاف چاہیے "

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