This Week's “Meri Guriya” Shines A Light On How Our Society Treats Women

By Arslan Athar | 19 Jul, 2018

Meri Guriya’ has had a special focus on child abuse, in particular with sexual abuse. Last week’s episode ended with Dabeer successfully getting an in into Abida’s house in order to abduct her. He’s able to do this because Abida’s parents, Shehnaz and Shahmir, are going to a pir to ask for a son.

The girls’ phupo loves Dabeer and he uses that as a guise to get to their house and to also convince their phupo to drug the girls and their daadi.

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When he gets to the house, Dabeer gives her paan, which is also drugged. Once everyone has gone to ‘sleep’, Dabeer goes to the girls’ bedroom and watches over Abida. After what could potentially be the creepiest staredown in Pakistani TV, Dabeer springs into action and grabs the girl. As he’s about to leave with Abida, in his arms, her parents make an unexpected return. In a panic, he puts her down in front of the stairs and runs away. The whole incident is just brushed away by Shahmir as Abida sleepwalking but Shehnaz is sceptical.

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While the premise of child abuse remains throughout, this episode, in particular, focuses on how women are treated in this society, not only by men but also by other women.

In the first instance, there’s the whole discussion about why Shehnaz and Shahmir are going to a pir. He repeatedly tells how she couldn’t give him a son and how this is their only chance, despite the fact that the pir is a convicted felon.

Safina also faces troubles in her household. The fact that she plays badminton is exposed, that too by none other than Dabeer and his sneaky ways. He lies to his family about how Safina is abusive towards to him. Her marriage is in danger of crumbling however, she still has her brother and sister in law on her side. Safina doesn’t, of course, back down as she challenges Dabeer. She knows he’s a weak and passive man.

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He won’t do anything on his own accord, but would rather have things handed down to him. She also uses his weird demeanor against him and against his family. She’s able to buy some time and some normality. 

The leading ladies confer one day over their problems and they have the most interesting conversations. This scene shows how truly empowered these women are. They use these little moments of total freedom to gain energy and strength from each other. Sadly, for them, the society they live in will only find ways to bring them down again.

Meanwhile, Dabeer gets a second chance to abduct Abida. Her ricksha doesn’t show up on time; as she waits for it to show up Dabeer passes by the madrasa and is able to convince her to go home with him. He visibly enjoys her clasping on to him for support during the ride. Luckily they ran into her father on the way who takes over the endeavor and makes sure his daughter gets home safely.

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The show ends with Shahmir’s mother deciding he needs to marry again and chooses a 16-year-old girl for him. The mother, sister and Shahmir are seen laughing about how bholi she is and how he can use her to get what he wants- a son!

Source: Big Bang Entertainment // Youtube

The episode is a grim reminder that women may stand up to the men in their lives and may try to stand in opposition to the patriarchy they live in, however, these efforts may end up futile. It seems as though their lives are just a constant battle.

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