This Video Of A Horrifying Creature Has Been Doing The Rounds, Here's The Truth Behind It

By Ather Ahmed | 2 Feb, 2018

So, a lot of times you come across a lot of weird stuff on social media. Mainly through videos and pictures shared on social media. You see paranormal activity, with doors opening and closing by themselves or white balls of light manifesting themselves out of thin air. Then there are strange creatures as well being passed off as either aliens or something from another dimension altogether. Given the advancements in photo and video manipulating software over the years, it is hard to judge what is legit and what isn’t.


This one-year-old video of what looks like an alien child recently recirculated on social media

A Strange Child Born In India

بھارت میں عجیب الخلقت بچے کی پیدائش —-بچے کو دیکھنے کے لیے عوام کا جم غفیر امڈ آیا-ویڈیو دیکھیں-

Posted by State Views on Mittwoch, 31. Januar 2018

In the video, you could see a newborn humanoid baby that appears like something totally out of this world. Hoards of people have come just to catch a glimpse of what they perceive as a unique creature. Some might think it’s an alien, others will believe that it’s a curse of sorts. Skeptics would argue that it’s something staged to gather traction for whatever purposes. Either way no one actually gets to the bottom of such stuff and after a weeks everyone forgets about. The truth remains lost.


We did a bit of digging into medical science to confirm what’s the truth about this alien-human-baby-creature thing

Turns out, a baby to be looking like this actually related to a serious medical condition.


The condition is called Harlequin-type ichthyosis and it’s a rare genetic disorder that primarily affects the skin. The skin thickens and has a different color altogether like in the video above. It also changes the shape of every part of the body like the eyelids, nose, mouth and ears.


Among other things the condition also affects body temperature and results in infection and can also cause dehydration


Babies with this condition require constant care and their outer skin can peel off as they grow leaving inner, sensitive skin exposed. Patients with this condition often suffer from various physical inflictions all their lives.

Recent treatment for this condition has helped boost the patient’s lifespans but the oldest documented survivor was 32 years old by April 2016.

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