This True Story Of Two Siblings Befriending A Transgender Person In Karachi Will Both Warm And Break Your Heart

By Rameeza Ahmad | 25 Aug, 2018

A transgender person is rarely seen as human in our society, this girl’s incredible story of her unlikely friendship with one is so heartwarming yet so heartbreaking because of the demons trans people in Pakistan face.

Often times we come across stories on social media which automatically evoke emotion in us. This Twitter user shared a similar story about her childhood.


The story was about how she and her brother developed an unlikely friendship with a transgender person who used to stand at a traffic signal in Karachi

The said traffic signal used to come on the brother-sister duo’s route home from school.


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Even though their friendship blossomed over the years, they never really knew her real name and only referred to her as Bubbly, something the siblings came up with after she lovingly nicknamed the younger brother Babloo.

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The friendship grew more and more by the day to the point where the children even confided in Bubbly baji.

The love all three of them had for one another is very evident by the fact that the children took makai (corn) for her and she too would get them balloons, and candy when they had a bad day and needed some cheering up.

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As the children grew up, the friendship matured as well and Bubbly baji taught the older sister how to apply liner and they would discuss makeup and clothes.

But like all things, even good ones have to end. And when the older sister started going to university, her contact with Bubbly baji ended.

She talked about how she used to take meat for her on Eid-ul-Azha and this year she was reminded of Bubbly baji again when she passed by the same route. She then proceeded to try and look for her. But she was nowhere to be found. What she discovered next was heartbreaking.

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Bubbly baji had been killed by someone.

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Both the siblings were eternally thankful for how she spent time with them every day for 3 minutes and how those interactions made them into who they were today; people who were accepting and did not care about what anyone else said about them.

The story of how Bubbly baji befriended Babloo and his big sister is honestly a beautiful one albeit with a sad ending. What did you think about this young woman’s recounting her unlikely friendship? Let us know in the comments.


Editor’s Note: the name of the original poster has been redacted as per their request over concerns for their safety.

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