This Traveler From Oman Is Quite Literally Turning Pakistan's Perception Upside Down

By Rameeza Ahmad | 1 Aug, 2018

This traveler form Oman is an Instagrammer who’s fallen head over heels for Pakistan 😜


Meet Fahad Alabri.

He is not just a blogger alongside being a traveler from Oman who looks at the world a little differently than most of us.


Fahad is a traveler, athlete, and a wellness coach. And one of his favorite things to do is, headstands!


Fahad travels the world and visits different cities and performs a headstand in each one of them

That is definitely a great way to look at things from a new perspective.



And this traveler from Oman makes sure to share his perspective with the world through his Instagram blog @cavemangram


Recently, Fahad made his way to Pakistan and did a couple of headstands in some of our fine cities

We talked to him and he positively gushed about his experience in Pakistan.

Faisal Mosque (Urdu: فیصل مسجد‬‎) is the mosque in Islamabad, Pakistan. Located on the foothills of Margalla Hills in Islamabad, the mosque features a contemporary design consisting of eight sides of concrete shell and is inspired by a Bedouin tent ⛺️ 🤸🏽‍♂️🌎 🇵🇰 مسجد فيصل (الأردية: فیصل مسجد) هو المسجد في إسلام أباد ، باكستان. يقع المسجد على سفوح تلال مارجالا في إسلام آباد ، ويتميز بتصميم عصري يتألف من ثمانية جوانب من القشرة الخرسانية ، وهو مستوحى من خيمة بدوية. @pakistan_awaits #handstandeverycity#islamabad#islamabadfitness#pakistanawaits#pakistan#travel#explore#islamabaddiaries#hanstandnation#handstand#calisthenics#wellness

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Fahad mentioned that he is an Arab and they are known for their hospitality and even then he was blown away how generous the people of the country were and how warm and welcoming everyone he came across was. He specially mentioned the village of Ghezir being filled with some of the best people he has ever met and that he would never forget them.


He even found an Eiffel tower in Rawalpindi

Fahad’s journey to Pakistan was part of a project called ‘Pakistan Awaits’ which was founded by Huzaifa Ubaid Khan. The initiative aims to bring positive images of the country through social media to the people of Oman and other Arab countries, so as to encourage them to visit. It is supported by the Embassy of Pakistan in Oman as well as a few other private companies.


And clearly, Pakistan Awaits was a great idea because it led to Fahad posting this beautiful shot he took in Hunza, among many other adventures


As well as a few with the beautiful background of Gilgit-Baltistan

Indeed what a beautiful country we have.

In between his headstanding shenanigans, this blogger from Oman made sure to dive into the local cuisine. He immediately mentioned his love for biryani, and to be honest, are we even surprised? He also mentioned enjoying his fair share of parathas, kulfi and of course, our world famous mangoes.

Fahad said he had a great time visiting the country. And we’re sure he will be back again when the thought of Biryani haunts him day and night! You can find out more about Pakistan Awaits, the project that brought Fahad to Pakistan, here. 

What do you think of Fahad’s unique perspective on the places he visits? Let us know in the comments.


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Cover Image Source: @cavemangrams via Instagram

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