This Shocking New Netflix Show About “Jinns” Is So Horrifying, Jordan Is Trying To Ban It

By Iman Zia | 19 Jun, 2019

‘Jinn’ is the scary new Netflix show about teenagers and jinns that will put your panties in a twist.

If you’ve ever feared the unknown that jinn stories hold, then Netflix’s Arabic original will catalyze that infinity-fold. ‘Jinn’ is about a group of Jordanian teenagers who accidentally invite supernatural forces into their already drama-filled lives (angsty, sexually frustrated teenagers with tangled friendships and young romances).

Source: Netflix

Jinns in the show take the form of teenagers who infiltrate a local high school – they’re not all bad though.

You’ll find good jinns and bad jinns battling it out in the fantastical teen drama. A school trip to a renowned, previous wonder of the world, Petra goes haywire and it’s only a hellish road for ‘Jinn’s’ very pearly, good-looking teenagers (it’s like ‘Riverdale’ all over again).

Source: Netflix


‘Jinn’ has already ruffled feathers in Jordan, stirring controversy for its alleged indecent scenes where a female actor is seen kissing two different boys in the show.

The show was taken to court by a Jordanian prosecutor, who asked the country’s Ministry of The Interior’s Cybercrimes Unit to “take immediate necessary measures to stop the broadcast.”


Jordan’s Media Commission responded with a statement that said they cannot control content released on Netflix, and that the show is only viewable through paying for the streaming service, thereby it is not applicable under the Commission’s censorship trajectory.


Jordanians responded to the criticism and praised the show for its progressive, realistic take on a burgeoning class of millennials who all agreed ‘Jinn’ was an accurate representation of their lives.





Here’s the trailer:


‘Jinn’ suffers a similar fate to many shows that emerge from conservative countries; liberation of content is questioned, with many refusing to admit that progressive plots stem from a new-age reality and that times have changed; new generations are far woke than previous, and television tries to mirror that.


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