This Politician Just Compared Lahore To Larkana And Lahoris Are Not Having Any Of It

By Arslan Athar | 8 Feb, 2018

A politician who doesn’t make whacky statements is not worth their salt, lol. Something similar happened with this politician from Sindh when she tried comparing Lahore – a metropolitan city – with Larkana – another, uhhh… city.


Shehla Raza is a PPP MPA in Sindh and is currently the deputy speaker in the Sindh Assembly.

Source: Twitter


She was recently visiting Lahore, and on her way out she left a very puzzling tweet for the people of the city


We don’t know WHAT she meant by this, but the people of Lahore are clearly taking this as a baddua and are telling her off for it:

This man prescribed a doctors visit

While others tried to make sure they read that tweet right 


But as always, there were a few jiyala voices in the crowd

And yes, Lahore could be so much better managed than it already is but Lahoriyon ke bhi dil hain and haven’t you heard, jinne Lahore nahi vekhya o jamiya hee nahi?


All that being said, the general consensus was ‘uhh NO’ 

The rejection of the very idea was quite relentless

Seems like all of Lahore can get behind this dua 

And finally there were people who took it all as comedy


What do you think Shehla Raza meant by her tweet? Do you agree with her views?


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