This PGC Kid Has Nora Fatehi Level Dance Moves And I'm In Awe 😱🔥

By Noomyalay Khan | 25 Oct, 2020

This PGC student just went viral for breaking a move and we are in absolute awe. Ain’t nobody got moves like these!

Pakistan is a land of talent and of the talented. Every few days, someone makes it to the news, whether it’s for talking too much and being happy (Nimra Ali, we’re looking at you) or the art of making memes over any and every event. Nothing is impossible for us.

This time it’s a teenage guy said to be from Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) who has taken the media by storm.


The kid is seen dancing away in his uniform while wearing a mask, at the front of the class, much to the delight and appreciation of his fellow students. You can see in the barely 30-second video that he is barefoot with a speaker playing in the background. Every move is right on beat, with the leg shakes, thumkas and head tilts. Brother did NOT come to play! 🔥

Nora Fatehi who, am I right?


The clip of him busting moves and shaking hips perfectly in sync with the song ‘Abusadamente’ by MC Gusttahas has us vibing too, and we’re not the only ones it seems.


Moves like this kid’s, we have no option but to vibe, to be honest!


What can we say, it runs in our blood! Going viral, showcasing talent – Pakistan really has it all, don’t you think?

We love his energy and have watched the video on repeat. May we be granted the confidence of this brave and talented boy! Let us know in the comments whether you’re vibing to this too!



Cover image via Twitter/Mehru Shaikh and T-Series

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