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This Young Doctor In Karachi Saw Child Birth For The First Time And He’s Written A Love Letter To Pregnant Women After The Experience

This Young Doctor In Karachi Saw Child Birth For The First Time And He’s Written A Love Letter To Pregnant Women After The Experience

You may or may not have seen this on Facebook lately, but we did and we are EMOTIONAL.

Source: Shabbir Mustafa Via: Facebook


Shabbir Mustafa, a young doctor studying at Aga Khan University has officially won the hearts of every Pakistani woman ever. Scratch that, every WOMAN EVER.

Posted on his Facebook, Shabbir basically wrote a love letter to pregnant women everywhere after witnessing a c-section operation. In it, he praised the ability of women and their capacity to care for a child, as SOON as it enters the world.

No, seriously he said that:

Source: Shabbir Mustafa Via: Facebook
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Personally speaking, childbirth is one of my biggest fears in life, and it has been since the first time I ever saw a childbirth scene in the movies. (Too scarred to remember which one). Either way, just the THOUGHT of birth terrifies me. Everything from the needles to the tubes to the PAIN, going into labor is one of the most intense things you can do as a woman.


Source: Deenga

And even though we all pretty much know that, it’s nice to be reminded every once in a while. Just the sheer significance that a woman’s body has the ability to bring a whole other human into this world is incredible and unmatched.

Not only is the actual process of having a child painful already, being a Mother in itself is the world’s toughest job. Again, this is something we all know, but let’s just take a second to take it all in. No matter what our mother’s had going on in our lives, they took the time out to carry us in their bellies for NINE MONTHS. And not just carry us, but feed us, care for us, take needles for us, go on bed rest for us, HAVE AN EPIDURAL for us.

There is not one selfless being on this earth as selfless as a mother. And yes, I just made that up and yes, it’s true.

Shabbir was pretty much on the same page as us when he went on to quote a song, titled, ‘This Woman’s Work,’ by the artist Maxwell, that outlined the actual struggle of giving birth.

Source: Shabbir Mustafa Via: Facebook


Given that it was Mother’s Day this weekend, it’s heartwarming to know that each and every one of our mother’s put themselves through hell, to give us the lives we lead. Whatever they may be. There’s not much else to it, mothers are the absolute best human beings.

On his ending note, Shabbir went on to say,

Source: Shabbir Mustafa Via: Facebook


Women are powerful and wonderful and patient human-carrying beings BUT that is just one aspect of them and their lives. Besides that, women are capable of doing that and more. Much more. And women should be celebrated for that fact. ALWAYS.

What do you guys think of the post? Have you seen it around? Have you told your mama just how much you love her? To all of the expecting mamas out there, to all of the new mamas, to the ones who haven’t even thought about it yet – you are invincible, and we love you.

Let us know what you think in the comments below and read the whole post here!

So i saw my first C-section last Tuesday and it honestly imbued me with a new found respect for women. I'd read and…

Gepostet von Shabbir Mustafa am Sonntag, 6. Mai 2018

Love you.


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Cover photo source: Shabbir Mustafa Via: Facebook

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