Cricketer Sana Mir Just Slammed Ads That Body Shame Women And It Is GLORIOUS

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Cricketer Sana Mir is not afraid of being the leader that’s needed to take things to the next level. She has shown, time and again, that she has the guts, vision and a voice to speak up for things that she truly believes in. As a role model in the media, she understands that women have a responsibility to other impressionable young minds who see them endorsing brands and talking about promoting certain values.


Thanks to traditional Pakistani media, it is safe to say that we focus on a ton of superficial values. Whether it’s fair skin, ‘smooth arms’, or long hair.

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WELL, Sana Mir, cricketer for the Pakistani women’s team, completely SHUT THAT DOWN.

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The BADASS cricketer just shut down brands all over Pakistan and honestly, the world, who think they can make ‘smooth arms,’ synonymous with strength, independence and in Sana’s case, athletic capability.

Mir went on to say,

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Being a Pakistani cricket player, or even just a female in the first place, Sana and her teammates are already subjected to criticism, to begin with.

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YES. ^


See? This is what happens when we listen to women, GREAT THINGS HAPPEN.

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The only way advertising shows women in this country is by highlighting their beauty, their ability to make chai and most importantly, the fact that they can dance since every commercial basically revolves around a shaadi anyway.


Sana posted this on her Facebook page and people on the platform are PUMPED about it:

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Girl crush for LIFE.

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Now, THIS is what you call a role model.

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Lmaaaao, basically 95% of all of our ads.

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Let’s see who shall follow?

Source: Sana Mir Via: Facebook


Shout out to all the women in this country and our society for showing girls growing up (and grown-up), that there is room to grow, room to be strong and PLENTY of room next to men, to be successful. Love you.

What did you think about what Sana said? Any opinions? What do you think about advertising in Pakistan? Let us know in the comments below.


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