Here's How An Israeli's Love Letter Is Winning Over Thousands Of Pakistanis

By Arslan Athar | 3 Jul, 2017

Khwateen O Huzraat, meet Nas.

He’s an Arab-Israeli Harvard graduate who travels the world and brings people together with his unique videos and content about the world, for the world.



Here’s his story of trying to visit Pakistan

So he’s a 25 year old man, who came to the realization that 32% of his life has passed by and he chose to lead his best life for the remaining 68%.

Nas is a Facebook Vlogger who is currently travelling the world. He visits a country, meets the people and eats the food, then compiles the entire experience in a video that’s exactly 1 minute long. He aims to fill the rest of his life meeting people from all over the world and having new experiences everyday.

But, he’s an Israeli national and considering the current situation with Israel aka we don’t recognize it as a country for obvious reasons, he isn’t allowed to enter Pakistan on his passport.

About a month ago he published this public appeal to Pakistanis


If I can't go there, I still wanna make videos about it. I've received a ton of messages asking me to go to Pakistan, and it hurts to say no every time. For me, admission to Pakistan is REFUSED….even though I'm Muslim. All I know about Pakistan is that Osama Bin Laden lived there, which is a very ignorant thing to only know about a country. So, let's change that:If you're down to participate in this video, comment below and JOIN THIS GROUP: will handle all logistics there. My name in that group is Nuseir Yassin. Let's make the best "Pakistan in 1 Minute" video without setting foot in the country. Important: My friends in the video are not Pakistani. Goran and Ala are from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, just to be clear! 🙂 Thank you for helping me! See you in Madagascar! LIKE Nas Daily on Facebook!Add me on Instagram: @NasDaily

Posted by Nas Daily on Mittwoch, 17. Mai 2017

In this video he called on his Pakistani fans to write a script for the video, and then go out and shoot the needed footage on the streets of Pakistan, so he can make a video for Pakistan without actually being in Pakistan. Additionally he asked participants to print his face on a piece of paper- you know, to make it real.

In order to make all of this a reality, Nas got in touch with his Pakistani friend from university- Hania. Hania spoke to MangoBaaz and told us about the video collection process.

Hania was in charge of bringing people together for the opening and closing scenes of a typical ‘Nas’ video. She also helped in making the ‘script’ and deciding what content went into the video and what didn’t. She was his main person of contact when it came to bringing together the concept behind the video.


Once the script was finalized, Nas asked for all the videos and he pulled his magic to make this fantastic ode to Pakistan


Wow! A month ago, I wondered if it would be possible to make the best 1 minute video about a country I can't enter: Pakistan. Politics makes it impossible for an Israeli citizen (even though I'm Muslim) and a Pakistani to visit each other. The internet, however, doesn't discriminate. And using you, the people watching Nas Daily, WE DID IT!!!! People to people. No need for the middleman. I hope to finally visit you and I hope you visit me. Thank you for your help:Hania Chima for leading the efforts on the groundBushra Joyo Zuhaib SarfarazAsif Ali TamilSabel GoheerEbrahim HaqAnas Khurshid Muhammed Qazi And everyone in the Pakistan in 1 Minute Nas Daily Facebook group. I must have missed some people and some shots were not included in this video, apologies to those. This is the video I'm most proud of to date. LIKE Nas Daily on Facebook!@NasDaily on Instagram!

Posted by Nas Daily on Samstag, 1. Juli 2017


Thanks to the fantastic place called the internet, and the lovely people of Pakistan, Nas was able to see all of our country even without being here.

From the Northern areas, down to the street level cricket tournaments.

This video is a testament to how Pakistanis want the world to see their country a different, colorful light. From our bazaars, to our fancy AF buses, the world can now see it all.

Thank you Nas for giving Pakistan the change to prove to the world how wonderful and warm a nation it is.

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