This Islamic Feminist Cult Is The Most Bizarre Thing You'll See Today

By Haadia Paracha | 6 Oct, 2016

Stuff that is batshit crazy or plain bizarre is a guilty pleasure of mine. Thanks to the lovely treasure trove that is the Internet this Kim Kardashian inspired feminist group is what I recently stumbled upon. In what looked like a man’s obsession with blow-up sex dolls gone too far, this one feminist cult in Turkey was founded by a religious clergyman named Adnan Oktar. Adnan not only credits himself as a creationist having written 300 books on the subject but also a force that has introduced “feminism” to his religious interpretation.


The devotees of this cult are referred to as “kittens”

Donning heavy make-up with plastic surgeries that would give Kylie Jenner’s lip surgeon a run for their money, these kittens are an epitome of Oktar’s version of a new-age feminist movement.

Source: Balkanist

Oktar ran his own channel on national television where he discusses religion with a twist of pop culture. In July 2018, Adnan Oktar was arrested by Turkish authorities on financial fraud, sexual abuse and terrorism charges.

This particular video was a piece of hands-on investigation by Broadly of Vice Media.

As the video progresses, one notices “oscillating” views in Oktar’s warped up views on feminism. On one side, he talks about how women’s rights are over-ridden in Islam. The stipulations of not being around men, not being around men uncovered and being around men but not sounding ‘attractive’ being ones he thought worthy of mentioning. Yes, it was as confusing for me too as it is to read, for you.


“Perceiving women as a potential threat mechanism is one of the cruel aspects of traditional orthodox Islam”, according to Oktar, the cult leader.

On the other hand, just as soon as he makes this statement, weird pop music remix starts playing and these botox queens start swaying from side to side, which is a little bizarre, if you ask me.

Source: Broadly

When the correspondent asks the “kittens” to recount how joining Oktar’s fold has changed her life, one reiterates how women are always “in the front” here.


“The top you can get in the world is women can be equal to men, whereas here, women are far superior.”

Source: Broadly


She talks about the false western standards on feminism, how women are treated “as soon as you enter a room, there is no difference between a woman and a table” (???)

Source: Broadly

She continues to compare that with Oktar, “Whereas here, it’s like an extra-ordinary being has entered the room.”

“He notices every single detail and it is very important for a woman”, as if the world will stop revolving if a man doesn’t notice you changed the color of your hair.





Source: Imaansheikh Via: WordPress

I don’t know what version of feminism that is. We learn something new everyday, right? Guess I’m headed back to the sociology books.

And you can head over to this video of the “cult”.


Here’s the full video for your (intellectual?) stimulation:


Editor’s note: This post has been updated to reflect that Adnan Oktar, the head of this cult, was arrested in July 2018 by Turkish authorities.

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