This Is Why ‘BEEF' Should Be On Your Recently Watched List

By Shanzeh Jalali | 16 May, 2023

The unpredictable “Beef” series exposes a wide spectrum of emotions that frequently leave you feeling uneasy.

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When you think something is going one way, it suddenly changes abruptly to show something another. After viewing all 10 episodes, I felt reflective for days because of the complex, multilayered plot.

Although Ali Wong excels as a comic, she is also a wonderful dramatic performer who excels in her position as one of the two major characters. I first noticed Steven Yeun in “Walking Dead,” but I didn’t give him a lot of thought until I saw him as Ali Wong’s adversary. He is so convincing in his character that I had to discern if he had been unfairly maligned or if he had truly been a jerk who had received his due. These two have a chemistry that is electric.

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You’ll experience an emotional roller coaster with “Beef.” It might not take long for you to find humor in another situation after feeling shocked and surprised by one.

When one character turns out to be the antagonist, your initial feelings of empathy for that individual change to ones of rage. More people are added as the plot develops, and they don’t merely serve as filler; rather, they deepen the primary characters’ emotional interactions and sophistication.

‘Beef’ was a series that I found to be engrossing and gripping, which kept me on the edge of my seat and made me want more. It truly makes you rethink yelling at the driver, who might be thinking about more serious things.

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But nevertheless, this show was amazing. It was entertaining, artistic, funny, and perverse. The concept of childhood trauma—something that anybody, regardless of background, can relate to—supported the show’s ominous overtones. We get to see these two men battle the demons of sadness, rage, and anxiety despite having entirely different financial conditions and lifestyles. This presentation was emotionally draining despite being absolutely amusing. However, the raw emotion and character growth spin this wild plot in a way that feels believable and accessible. A sequence of unexpected occurrences spirals out of control.

Let us know your thoughts on the show!

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