This is What People Think About Your University

This is What People Think About Your University

This is What People Think About Your University

We have all spent those gossip sessions with friends bad mouthing people from other universities. Sometimes it’s the feeling of superiority and pride about one’s own university and sometimes it’s the jealousy of not getting into that dream school one tried so hard for. Every university in Pakistan has a different stereotype attached to it in terms of the characteristics of the students studying there and we all like to taunt our friends about that.

Here are a few types of people you see in some of the universities. See if you can find you and your friends:



Popular myth is that people here are very snobby, with high functioning money-making minds and life here is like some Hollywood movie with all sorts of crazy things happening. Well… we shall neither confirm, nor deny the possibility of one or all of those things, and much more.




2. Kinnaird College

One of the oldest and most prestigious girls colleges in Lahore, it is famous for being training grounds for girls that are perfect rishta material. Maybe this is why the gates of the college are an attractive hangout spot for many a hopeful bachelors.



3. Lahore School of Economics

Everyone says, those who can’t get into LUMS go to LSE. It is also famous for having people who allegedly spend more time and money on brands and parties than on actual learning.


Note to LSE people: all those logo valay belts and bags are only perpetuating the stereotype, guys.



Something about hearing the word NUST has everyone thinking “nerd alert, nerd alert”. This university is  governed by many people from the Pakistan Army, hence it has very strict rules and the students are known to be very disciplined. 



5. BNU

We all think that BNU is the university who’s bumper sticker, if it was a rickshaw, would read “mein barra ho ke LSE bannu ga“. Do we need to say anymore? 


Oh and while LSE has the future society aunties, BNU has the models.


6. UET

The name states it all. This university is home to Pakistan’s engineers! Also, the nerd alert is a lot less stronger for some reason. Could it be because they have more girls in their classes than in NUST?



7. University of Central Punjab

 The Punjab College lot graduates to UCP. Not too many good words for some of the rowdier bunch at Punjab College but maybe university life makes them a little tame. Does it? 


And that campus? Good job but it isn’t as gothic as GC. Better luck next time.


8. NCA

This College is famous for being the home of many of the famous artists and celebrities in Pakistan like Ali Zafar, Ayesha Omer, and Meesha Shafi. The students of this college are all very creative and have great knowledge of fashion and etc. And that’s what they want us to think of them.


What we do think of them, however, is largely tainted by the many, many rumors and unmentionable video clips of some of the people here.


9. Punjab University

The best public sector institution at one point, this place has largely fallen prey to political affiliations  now. If you ever want to experience some hard core realities of life in play this, they say, is the place to go to. Some students are even more powerful than the faculty!



10. IBA

What everyone knows IBA for is being a “wannabe LUMS” but try as you might IBA, you’ll never be as good. Plus, KSBL is nearby. Worry about that, now.



11. Aga Khan University

The doctors. We never really get to meet them out in Pakistan once they graduate but we do hear about their “lifestyles” in Amreeka.



12. King Edward

The doctors you do meet in Pakistan. You may also hear about their “lifestyles”. Dude, doctors just have it too good anywhere, don’t they?

Source: Muslim Academy


13. Quaid-e-Azam University

For some reason the prestige associated to QAU is quite high, reasons are as much of a mystery as the life inside is, for most of us.


That campus near Margalla hills… Doesn’t matter how the building looks like when the backdrop is as gorgeous.


14. Government College University Lahore

This was the LUMS of yore. At less than 10% of the fees. All the cool kids, and then some, studied here. Now… well.. It is called “Government” College. You get the idea.


That campus is still the best, though. Sorry UCP, you’re trying too hard.


15. FC College

We are all impressed by the portfolio of their social science majors. Also, what’s with calling the undergraduate degree a “Baccalaureate” rather than simply a Bachelors? That sounds like you’re trying too hard to be “different”.


Psst, LUMS students are jealous that you have a full fledged swimming pool while work on Coca Cola Aquatic Center has still not begun.


And finally… 


16) Harvey University

Yes, this is a faker. Run by Axact. Less said, the better.



Obviously, these are just a few of the universities in Pakistan. Do let us know what you think of other universities too.

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