This is How Famous People in Pakistan Would Look If They Didn’t Have Eyebrows

This is How Famous People in Pakistan Would Look If They Didn’t Have Eyebrows

People you normally see on TV have the help of a make up crew that make them look glamorous. But what if the opposite of glamour happened? More specifically, how glamorous would famous people in Pakistan look if they didn’t have any eyebrows?

Well, we tried to figure that out. And we think it’s pretty funny.


1. Amir Liaqat


Why does he look fatter without eyebrows?


2. Meera


Hmm, is it me or does she look like a man without eyebrows? Naveed?


3. Hamza Ali Abassi


This famous Facebook maulana looks like Shaitaan ka assistant, no?


4. Fawad Khan


Still a heartthrob ladies?


5. Mahira Khan


A lack  of eyebrows makes this famous actress’ nose look prominent; however, she still looks pretty cute to be honest.


6. Shaan Shahid


Uncle Shaan looks really upset without his eyebrows.


7. Ayyan Ali


From a hottie to a churail in no time!


8. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari


He somehow resembles his dad more without the eyebrows, doesn’t he?


9. Ali Zafar


Ali Zafar’s blessed with an amazing bone structure. He doesn’t look too different even without the eyebrows.


10. Sahir Lodhi


Our local Shahrukh might have self esteem issues if he saw this.


11. Fahad Mustafa


Who is this na maloom afraad?


12. Hassan Shahryar


All he needs is a dhoti and he could look like the Pakistani version of Mogambo.


13. Humaima Malick


Yep, definitely not attractive anymore.


14. Sanam Saeed


Sanam sort of, kind of looks a bit like an alien but still attractive :/


15. Imran Khan


Time hasn’t been kind on his eyebrows and that’s why we didn’t even have to do any eyebrow vanishing spells on his picture. Much respect for his work, though.



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