This Insanely Talented Tattoo Artist In Karachi Is Like A Magician With A Wand, He'll Make You Want To Get Inked Too

By Biya Haq | 5 Feb, 2019

Tattoo, anyone?


Tattoos, for most ordinary desi households are a controversial topic. Not only are you “mutilating” your body but also putting marks that can be seen as signs of Yahoodi saazish of some sort, according to most superstitious mothers and khalas and phuphos. On top of that if you’re Muslim, they can even stir up religious controversy for you,

According to some popular beliefs tattoos are considered ‘makroo,’ or frowned upon, as they hinder completion of religious rituals.


But tattoos sure as hell look rebellious and cool, don’t they?

Anything that’s rebellious is also very tempting.

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Oh yes, the lovely business of even accidentally mentioning the word, ‘tattoo,’ in front of your parents or elders. Honestly, you might as well deport yourself. But what ever stopped you just because your parents don’t like something, right?


To find out what is it that’s so rebellious, dangerous, cool and oh-so-tempting about getting a tattoo, we spoke with a tattoo artist in Pakistan

Rameez Arif is a tattoo artist based in Karachi and is insanely talented at what he does. Working with a studio in Karachi, Rameez has had the very unique opportunity to have experienced a world in Pakistan many of us may never get the chance to really explore.

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Rameez has done his Bachelor’s degree in textile design and a Master’s degree in Design Marketing and Merchandising. He’s been graphic designing for six years and tattooing for 7-8 years. Rameez started off by giving temporary tattoos and once he noticed positive feedback on the temporary tattoos, he decided to make it permanent.

After he bought his first tattoo machine, Rameez practiced on himself by giving his own self his first tattoo

He only knew what he could learn from YouTube tutorials at the time and slowly began to be very skilled at his craft. Rameez currently has five tattoos and are what he described as very ‘random’ ones since he drew them all himself while in the process of learning.

Source: Rameez Arif

Rameez said his concept was also such that before being a tattoo artist and giving others tattoos, it was important for him to try out the tattoos on himself so that he could feel the same sensation, everything from feeling how deep the needle has to go or how much pain the client will feel.

At Ink Grave, in Karachi, Rameez manages the entire studio as well as taking interior design projects when hired for it. At the moment they handle tattoos, temporary tattoos and soon enough, Rameez and his team are looking to bring in piercings.

Lion Illustration Permanent tattoo – Time lapse

Lion Illustration Permanent tattoo.Time-lapse___________________________Artist: Rameez Arif___________________________Duration: 3 hours___________________________Client Feedback: He was very much satisfied with the service provided and very appreciative of the art style adopted for him."This is sick! beyond my expectations.."___________________________Follow us on this journeyContact Rameez Arif : 0343-2002694 (Whatsapp only)Email:

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Initially, Rameez was a graffiti artist which inspired him to bring his work into the realm of body art. He is also interested in interior design and with Ink Grave, designs spaces for clients according to their themes.


When a client comes in for a tattoo, Rameez puts together an entire concept of the tattoo based on the client’s preferences, idea and personality.

He counsels them on their choices and makes sure the client is happy when the end result arrives.

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In regards to his work, Rameez said he’s had a number of memorable tattoos, some of them being his favorite. One of his clients came in with botched tattoos that he wanted to cover up. He told Rameez his entire life struggle and in turn, Rameez designed an entire sketch that the client ended up getting and for Rameez, ended up being one of his favorite works.


Every month, Rameez said he makes about 25-30 tattoos for his clients, on average

Rameez shared that some of his most funny incidents have included clients who have fainted while getting the tattoos.

Source: Rameez Arif

Rameez said that in his line of work, he is mostly met with enthusiasm and most of his clients think he’s cool given what he does and all. However he did say that he gets his occasional lecture on tattoos and how they may interfere with religion. However Rameez told us, that for him, it is not about religion but more so about the people he gets to meet and the fact that he gets to experience this experience with them.


He has a very important advice for anyone who is interested in getting a tattoo

He said that anyone who is interested in getting a tattoo should do their complete research. This person should be ready and aware of the fact that this is a permanent thing. Apart from this, the client should be super clear about the concept, the sketch and the whole tattoo itself to avoid any confusion. Rameez also insists on talking to his clients about themselves and have them open up about their lives so that he can create a full conceptual sketch if the client is open to it.

Source: Rameez Arif

In regards to the machinery involved, many Pakistanis hesitate to go to local artists due to the unreliability of machinery and unhygienic equipment. According to Rameez, his studio is the best in Pakistan and fully matches International standards set by tattoo artists abroad.


Take a look at some of Rameez’s absolutely incredible work, friends, you won’t regret it. You can visit him on social media through his Instagram page as well as his Facebook page.

What do you think of Rameez’s tattoo work? If you want to get a tattoo, what would you like to get? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.


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Cover photo source: Rameez Arif

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