This Indian Village Is Called “Pakistan” And They're Now Asking To Change Their Name

By Sana Yasmeen | 24 Oct, 2019

Indian village called Pakistan… lol?

Relations between Pakistan and India are seeing unprecedented deterioration after the revocation of occupied Kashmir’s autonomy. This has led to the rise of serious political concerns over violation of Kashmiri’s freedom so the two countries are trying very hard not to associate with each other. Steps like banning Indian movies in Pakistan and banning Indian artists from working with Pakistanis have happened. One Indian Village in particular is at the brink of having an existential breakdown after these critical Indo-Pak relations.


This Indian village called Pakistan is the weirdest piece of trivia we’ve come across recently

‘Pakistan’ is a village in the Purnia district of Bihar, India and is said to be the home of about ‘1200’ people at the moment. The village was named to reciprocate the love of the Muslims of that village, who migrated to Pakistan at the time of Partition.


However, now the residents of the Indian village Pakistan are finding it impossible to keep the name

After the bilateral relations between Pakistan and India got increasingly worse, the annoyed villagers took to themselves to petition the government official to change the name of their village soon. The villagers who once considered their identity as a symbol of love and unity between the citizens of the two nations now are being treated with disdain and are being viewed as suspicious for having the very name of their village.

The villagers are claiming to be ’embarrassed’ about the name of their village.

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According to the villagers, the name is causing too many hurdles in their relationships with their neighboring villages

“We are caught in an awkward situation. No one wants to marry their daughters with youths from our village. We too feel ashamed of being called Pakistanis while we have nothing to do with Pakistan,” a resident Anup Lal Tuddu said.

It was also stated that the name ‘Pakistan’ is causing quite a many hurdles for their relationships with their neighbors.

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Indian officials share the sentiments of the villagers & are working to facilitate the change

Local officials also share the sentiments of the villagers and have promised to try their best to change the name of this village. They, having received the petition by the villagers, will be forwarding it to senior officials for further action.

Purnia district magistrate Rahul Kumar said he had not received the petition so far. “Though I have not received the petition but would act in accordance with the established procedures to get the name changed,” the district magistrate said.

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We all know that nobody forgets the name you’re born with, right? Anyways, Here’s the best of luck to the ‘Pakistanis’ present in Bihar!


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