This Indian Wrote An Emotional Letter To Pakistanis And Reminded Us Of Everything That Matters To People On Both Sides

By Biya Haq | 11 Oct, 2018

It is 2018 and surprise surprise, 71 years later, Pakistan and India still hate each other.

Despite a number of olive branches and proposals, the two countries have shunned all attempts of making up after the 47′ break-up. However, it seems as if the true hate that runs deep in the veins of most Pakistanis, may not be shared by every single one of us.


This open letter from a ‘Millennial Indian,” to a “nameless Pakistani friend,’ is restoring our hope in a reconciliation.

Well, kind of.

And okay, we’re not talking a huge political change of heart but at the same time, a country’s political representation doesn’t always share the same views of its people. Especially, it’s younger people.

It’s ironic that the younger people of our country are the ones with the mature outlook in this particular thread.  Now we’re not saying that the long-held history of Pakistan and India is something that can easily be pushed under the rug. In fact, there is so much to be talked about and sorted through. However, if we perpetuate the idea and feeling of hate towards a country most of our younger generation haven’t even been to, what kind of message are we promoting? What kind of Naya Pakistan are we trying to create here?


The writer even brought up how she was apprehensive in publishing the post, knowing the kind of potential feedback she’d get.

Source: Delhi Djinns And Charming Chudails Via Facebook


Fortunately, many of the comments were positive and mirrored the writer’s sentiments.

Source: Delhi Djinns And Charming Chudails Via Facebook


Source: Delhi Djinns And Charming Chudails Via Facebook


People are sharing their experiences of having families and attachment on both sides of the border

Source: Delhi Djinns And Charming Chudails Via Facebook
Source: Delhi Djinns And Charming Chudails Via Facebook



It’s not just the first time that some young Indian or Pakistani has extended a hand of friendship

Like the time Indians sang the Pakistani national anthem to celebrate Pakistan’s Independence Day, or the time when a Pakistani cricketer paid a tribute to her inspiration who is Indian.

The world is changing and the faster we hop on board, the faster we can all work to be part of a much better Pakistan.

Also just think about it, we all love Bollywood, we all love cricket, food and of course, shaadis. If we ever have the opportunity to live with open borders, just think of the world we could all be a part of. Just think of all the love and progress we could share with each other. People don’t like to admit it but we are very much like our Indian neighbors. It’s pretty clear in this case, that if we give up on some of the hate, we could be gaining a lot more.

What do you think about the letter? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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