This Pakistani Auntie’s Heartwarming Tale Of Reliving Her Dead Husband’s Memories Will Touch Your Soul

By Kashaf | 1 Jan, 2018

Coping with the loss of someone you love is one of life’s biggest challenges.  When we lose a loved one, it is often bittersweet; remembering the past and grieving everything that won’t happen in the future.

A woman on Twitter by the name of “Chachi Chatters” has recently shared a heartwarming story about a trip she took many years ago with her late husband – reminiscing the time she spent with him at a special fountain. Chachi Chatters wishes to stay anonymous but told MangoBaaz: “I’m just an old lady from Lahore. I split my time between Lahore and Boston – where most of my cancer treatment is.”


The story starts off with her explaining her recent hospitalization

She went on to ask her doctor if it was okay for her to travel

Even though she had no plans to travel, she somehow ended up calling her travel agent and booking a flight

She asked her followers to help her find a fountain in London where she had precious memories

After the passing of the first day, she let her followers know that she still had not located the fountain (which was somewhere near Hyde Park/Kensington Gardens)

She was desperate to find this beloved fountain that held so many memories

This is where she explains why this fountain means so much to her

She recalls her first trip to London with her late husband

The nostalgia in the way she describes her trip will truly touch your heart

She goes on to describe the loneliness she felt exploring in the city on her own while her husband was busy working

She recalls the amazing memories she created with her husband towards the end of her trip

She remembers falling in love with the dainty, hand-carved animal figurines at the Berwick Street Market

Right as her husband was about to buy her the figurines, he realizes that all his money has been stolen

She never got to visit London again, that is until she decided to relive one of the memories she cherished the most

Even though there are thousands of fountains in London, she had hope that someone would be able to help her find the one she ached to visit again

Thanks to her followers, she found the fountain


This heartwarming story teaches you to cherish the time you have with your loved ones – live life to the fullest because in the end the people may leave but the memories will last forever.


cover image via: @chachichatters / Twitter

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