This Guy Had The Surprise Of His Life When The Venue For His Date Turned Out To Be Imran Khan's House

By Rameeza Ahmad | 30 Aug, 2018

No one really forgets their first date with someone. However, sometimes people have first dates they couldn’t forget even if they tried.

And Osman Khairi has a first date story that he not only remembers perfectly but is probably one of the best memories he has.

Osman made a thread on Twitter recounting the story of his date which took place about 16 years ago. Now Osman works in marketing and lives in the UAE. But the time when this story unfolded, he was a 17-year-old young cricket fanatic living in Islamabad.

Osman’s story starts rather innocuously. He was in a long distance relationship with a girl, she finally came to Pakistan and of course, they wanted to meet immediately.

At this point in time, there was no such thing as Google maps or even smartphones.

Osman set out to the destination based on the instructions provided to him by his girlfriend. She had mentioned she was staying at the house of an uncle of hers named Imran.

And as Osman was looking at house numbers, he saw a familiar face, of none other than Imran Khan. Who asked him if he needed help since Osman couldn’t keep his off eyes the man.

And of course, finding out that the Imran uncle she had mentioned was Imran Khan had Osman… SHOOK.

When he finally managed to ask about whether his date was staying at his place, he was shocked to hear Imran Khan reply with a yes and asking whether he would like to come in.

He followed Imran Khan inside and couldn’t really focus on anything other than the fact that he was on a date at Imran Khan’s house! And of course, when your focus is on another person than your date, it’s not the best feeling for your date.

And to be honest, the girl was probably already used to being overshadowed by her uncle. And guessed that Osman was distracted because he wanted to meet her uncle and offered to make a proper introduction. So Osman met Imran Khan as he was having breakfast in his lawn.

And of course, Osman was meeting his idol for the first time so was understandably nervous, but he did say something which made Imran Khan smile.

He said that he would vote for him in the upcoming elections.

Osman said even though he met Imran Khan several times after that first encounter, the first one still remains special to him. And even though he now has pictures and videos with the man, he still cherishes that autograph on a torn piece of newspaper the most.

Honestly what an incredible story! Imagine going on a date and meeting your favorite idol. GOALS.

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments!

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